VoIP VS Analog Phones for Your Business

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In the past, all business phone systems were analog. Today, however, many of these analog phones have been replaced with digital phone systems, including VoIP — voice over internet protocol — systems. This allows voice to be transmitted over a data connection (i.e., the internet), rather than copper phone lines.
However, if you are like some businesses, you may not be ready to trade in your tried-and-true analog system. If this is the case, you may need more information. Here you can learn the pros and cons of both analog and VoIP phone systems for your business.

Pros of Analog Phones

Analog phones have been around for a long time, and there’s a reason for this — they are reliable and familiar. To this effect, you will also find they offer several benefits, including:

Better emergency response

When you contact an emergency service from your landline, your address will appear automatically. For VoIP users, the dispatcher may not receive your precise coordinates.

Backup during a natural disaster situation

Analog phones continue to work even if the power or internet is out.

Sound quality and reliability

Unlike a VoIP phone system, there’s no chance for interference or other low-quality issues.


Hackers have an easier time gaining access to VoIP phone systems.

Cons of Analog Phones

While analog phones have quite a few benefits, they also have some disadvantages you should be aware of. These include:

Cost Affordability

VoIP phone services are much more affordable.

Sales calls

Your landline is more likely to receive spam calls and sales pitches.

Cable, Internet and Telephony Packages

You can usually have your landline bundled with your cable and internet service.

Pros of VoIP Services

With technology comes a myriad of benefits, which is perfectly illustrated by the VoIP phone systems available today. The advantages of this type of system include:

User-friendly and Inexpensive

These phone systems are usually more affordable than landlines.

Increased Portability

You can place a VoIP call anywhere there’s an internet connection.

More Features

You can get a wide array of features.

High Collaboration

There’s available integration across various platforms.

Cons of VoIP Services

Just like the analog phone system, there are also a few disadvantages of using a VoIP system for your business. These include:

Reduced Reliability & Quality

Some providers don’t have VoIP systems that offer the reliability and quality of analog systems.


Increased risk of hacking.

Reliance on An Internet Connection and Computers

You have to be connected.


VoIP isn’t compatible with some systems/software.

As you can see, there are pros and cons offered by both analog and VoIP phone systems. You have to determine which option is right for you by considering the factors here.
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