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Say goodbye to scattered communication and hello to a powerhouse of productivity. Our all-in-one platform unites phone, SMS, online faxing, messaging, and video meetings. Your business is about to level up.


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About Us

Monster VoIP offers a reliable and affordable cloud-based phone system that eliminates dropped calls, extra fees, and the need for an office phone. Our user-friendly software ensures glitch-free communication, and our system can adapt to your business’s changing needs without costly upgrades. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to crystal-clear calls with Monster VoIP.

Why Choose Monster VoIP


With hosted VoIP services, you get the benefits of an enterprise-grade phone system without having to invest in expensive equipment. 

Hundreds of Features

All the features of a ginormous phone company without the extra cost! Call Queue, Contact Center, Auto Attendant, Voicemail-To-Email, and more!


Scale your business with flexible deployments. Give yourself the agility to expand into new markets and regions. Perfect for managing a hybrid workforce!

No Hidden Fees

No gimmicks, or no activation fees! We quickly port your current telephone number to new service with us. We've been doing this for 20+ years and make it easy!

Industry Applications

Monster VoIP has the tools you need for your industry!


Equip faculty and administration with the tools they need to keep in touch and provide a better teaching experience for students at all levels of learning.


Improve collaboration and support better patient outcomes with a purpose-built, secure cloud phone system designed for healthcare providers.

Financial Services businesswomen

Financial Services

Improve customer loyalty, support your sales teams, and promote remote work with an all-in-one platform made for financial services.


Communication and connectivity are essential for small businesses to remain competitive. Enterprise-grade features for SMBs in one cost-effective, unified platform.

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