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"Monster VoIP has grown to provide a nationwide cloud-based business phone system and unified communications"


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"Monster VoIP is a Fully-Hosted Phone System With Enterprise Features"

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"Monster VoIP provides cloud-based business phone systems and unified communications."

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  • Hands on On-Boarding
  • No Setup Fees/Free
  • Number Porting
  • No Contracts
  • ​Top Tier Carriers (Better Call Quality)
  • All in Price (no taxes or hidden fees)
  • 24/7 Support
  • 99.999% Uptime

“Very professional, knowledgeable, responsive – my emails were answered within an hour or two consistently. The pricing was straightforward and transparent, I never felt pressured to rush our decision (but I should have made it faster!). They worked with us on our budget, which was something over providers weren’t open to doing.”

-Justin D.

“We’ve been using MVOIP for years now and love it. They really have the best prices as well as instant support and all the features you can ever need.”

-Vera T.

“I thought the entire experience was more than I had expected. MV actually sent their lead technician from Los Angeles to Cleveland to help with our go live and get everything right. While there were a few issues that took a little longer to get sorted out, they got the job done. The times that I have had to reach out to support were always easy experiences that resulted in quick answers.”

-Michael D.

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Collin Mitchell - Founder 

Started selling tech in 2010, quickly moved up the ladder to VP of Sales at the age of 25.

Started first company in 2012 which quickly grew to 5 million+ within 2 years. 

Passion for sales and entrepreneurship.

Case Studies

"MonsterVoIP is saving our firm 37% annually."
- Brian Barrett, Partner, CPA


  • Their old VoIP solution was experiencing problems volleying between their two offices.
  • The hardware was setup in one office, while relying on a virtual application through their computers in the other.
  • Client calls were frequently dropped when transferred through their virtual application. Which led to a cumbersome workaround being developed to avoid upsetting their customers and staff alike.
  • Their old solution was also limited in features available: text messaging and speaker phones were only available at one location.


  • MonsterVoIP setup their VoIP business phone system on all existing Freeman & Barrett phones.
  • An array of standard features were implemented such as voicemail to email, call forwarding, call waiting, virtual desktop application, and more.
  • For a negligible fee, MonsterVoIP also added hardware to their second irm site in order to bypass the dropped calls they were experiencing and to ensure speaker phone functionality at both locations.
  • They were up and running with their new MonsterVoIP solution in just 24 hours.


  • MonsterVoIP’s Hardware and feature upgrades have eliminated dropped calls, even when using MonsterVoIP’s virtual desktop application.
  • Employees can now send text messages to clients through their work numbers instead of their personal mobile phones, which is an added service offering for their customers.
  • The speaker phone feature, available on all MonsterVoIP hardware, allows all employees at both locations to talk hands-free.
  • Huge cost savings of up to 37% annually.
  • Competitive pricing freed up capital to take advantage of MonsterVoIP’s Cloud-based Virtual Private Network(VPN), enhancing both data security and access at both of their locations.
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Brian Barrett


"MonsterVoIP is saving us over 40% monthly and we are getting more features, better quality and support."
- Mike Forest, Casting Producer/I.T.


  • Prior to using MonsterVoIP, they were experiencing problems such as drop calls, static on the line, and a consistently poor service quality with their former VoIP solution.


  • They were looking for a new cost-efficient VoIP solution.
  • They were looking for a new vendor that could beat Vonage.


  • The process was extremely smooth. Everything had been set up in a day.Employees can now send text messages to clients through their work numbers instead of their personal mobile phones, which is an added service offering for their customers.
  • ​Call quality improved greatly. Connection is consistently good and stable when using video conferencing.
  • Anytime they needed help, they have been able to get it resolved.
  • With MonsterVoIP, they saved over 40% in monthly costs and received a better service with a local touch.
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Mike Forest

Casting Producer/I.T.

“I would recommend MonsterVoIP! I've been trying to convince my wife on their Architecture firm since they have the same problem on those Junk Calls. MonsterVoIP is easy to use and inexpensive.”

"We love our new VoIP system and we are saving over 30% monthly!" 
- Patrick Reed, Manager


  • He needed a system with versatile call forwarding that allowed him to take calls at the office, and when he was out of town.
  • He needed the ability to answer any calls from any client, in any situation. Good or bad.
  • He needed a system that automatically blocked spam calls.


  • He was looking for a phone provider that managed call forwarding effectively, and filtered out spam calls.


  • The set up went well. Wished that he could have ported his numbers faster than 7 days but otherwise, everything went well
  • ​MonsterVoIP had excellent call management that allowed him to not miss a single call from their valued clients.
  • The Auto attendant helped a lot in getting rid of those junk calls as well.
  • Took about 30 – 45 minutes learning about the different features and functions. Finds it very easy to use.
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Patrick Reed



Can I keep my current numbers? 
Absolutely, we transfer all your current numbers over at no charge and with no downtime.

How long does it take to transfer my numbers? 
It typically takes 7 business days as long as we receive all the proper information for the transfer process.

How long does it take to get setup?
We can have everything setup within 1-2 days or work within your schedule.

Do you charge for long distance? 
There is no charge for long distance. All packages come with unlimited calling to the United States and Canada.

What does it cost to get started?
There is no setup fees and no upfront cost for our services.

How much bandwidth is required to use your system? 
We are very light weight. We require 1mb up and 1mb down for every ten simultaneous calls. For best results we want to make sure our requirement does not exceed 30% of the total bandwidth.

Do I have to have a desk phone? 
A desk phone is not required. Many customers use our desktop app for Windows or Mac as an alternative to a desk phone.

Do you have a mobile app? 
Yes, our mobile app is available on both iOS and android. On the mobile app you can make calls, receive calls, check your voicemail, send and receive SMS and we support in call options like hold, transfer or conference.

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