What's A Hosted Business Phone System Without A Ton Of Features?

Your Cloud Based Unified Communications Platform

True Unified Communications

Choose the type of call you want to make with a single long tap. You can choose VoIP Call, Video Call, GSM Call or Callback. The Callback option is especially useful if you want to make a call through the PBX but don’t have a strong data signal.

Video Calling

The Video Calling option allows users to make a video call to any PBX contact that also has video capabilities.

In Call Options

While on call, users have numerous call handling options including Record, Hold, Blind, Transfer, Attended Transfer and Join Conference.

SMS Messaging

Flexible and powerful messaging features. It can send and receive SMS messages from a business phone line so that users need not divulge personal cell phone numbers. It also allows intra-company messaging with any PBX contact.

Features You’ll Love!

  • Anonymous Call Rejection

  • Busy Lamp Field

  • Call Forwarding

  • Call Logs (Inbound and Outbound)

  • Call Transfer

  • Call Waiting

  • Conferencing (Multi-Way Calling)

  • Advanced Caller ID

  • Device Auto Provisioning

  • Dynamic Call Park

  • Do Not Disturb

  • Hunt Groups

  • Hot Desking

  • Music-On-Hold

  • Presence and Appearance

  • Simultaneous Ring

  • Three-Way Call

  • Video Telephony

  • Web User Portal

Streamline Your Business Phone System


Easily make and receive calls, check call logs, listen to voicemails, and send and receive SMS messages through our dedicated software app on any device.

Call Recording

Call recording is an automatic system that records all your calls. Once you have the feature in your package, you don’t have to lift another finger for it to begin working.

Web Meeting

Why pay extra for your current (expensive!) web meeting provider when Unified Communications covers it? Our easy-to-use online meeting tool streamlines and simplifies screen sharing.


Integrates seamlessly with leading third-party CRM for complete customer data and smarter selling. Want to make, record and automate calls from the CRM? Our advanced integration is the best in the industry!