Click to Call Feature

Thou shall not undervalue the influence of little things. In the business world, simple things can make a big difference. Click to Call technology is one of those simple features that shouldn’t be undervalued by business industries, especially those in the customer care industry.

Monster VoIP’s Click to Call is a cost-effective solution for businesses to grow. Our Click-to-Call feature is an internet-based tool that lets your customers automatically call the number you posted on your webpage or email by simply clicking the call button. Like other cloud-based system features, it’s efficient and easy to use. Businesses have embraced the digital world and learned to use effective digital business communication tools to increase sales and improve user experience. The birth of the VoIP system paves the way for easier ways to reach out to consumers.

Our Click to Call Service Connects You To Your Customers

Monster VoIP’s click-to-call software promotes enhanced customer interaction. Our CTC links can be found as buttons on sites and apps. They are also embedded in emails and videos. Here’s how our feature works to help you connect to your website users right away:

Your clients can conveniently reach out to you once our feature is added on your site or app. By clicking the call button, users will directly be connected to a customer representative who will deal with their concerns. The data will be outlined to the CRM of the company and will show the details about the user.

The major goal of ad campaigns is to bring traffic and generate sales leads. Potential customers are now on their smartphones to interact, connect and shop. The click-to-call option can be added as an extension to your ads. When you display a clickable call button with your ad, your consumers can automatically call you by just clicking the call button. Websites are now designed to be mobile-friendly because most customers now use their mobile phones to shop and pay for something. Most ads have clickable phone numbers so any user can take advantage of the feature.

Apart from buttons, click2call links can also be embedded over emails and videos. It works with an HTML email link and video link.

How Does Our Click-to-Call Work?

How To Install Monster VoIP Click-to-Call

  1. To enable our feature, open your Google browser and go to ReachUC’s website:
  2. Click the Integrations tab.
  3. Click on the Google Chrome icon.
  4. Click the button to add the Google Chrome extension.
  5. To log in, click the icon on the top right of your browser.

Why Monster VoIP Click-to-Call is Crucial For Business Growth

Our digital world introduced different methods to reach out to potential consumers and a wider audience. However, telephone calls will never go obsolete. The idea of calling a company to inquire about a certain product or service may sound old-fashioned because of chatbots that you can effortlessly install on your webpage. The truth of the matter is customers still prefer human interaction. In fact, 86% of customers still prefer human agents than chatbots. Google recognizes the importance of telephone calls in businesses that is why it allows companies the option of executing click to call technology.

Here are the reasons why Monster VoIP’s click-to-call technology is crucial for business growth:

Not all customers are into reading. A potential customer might check your website to instantly inquire about your products or services without having to browse pages. Some of them prefer to make purchases over the phone. Instead of having to go through endless browsing, wouldn't it be great if they can ask you directly about your company and services?

Monster VoIP's click-to-call option for website marketing is important for local businesses to grow. For most local businesses with brick-and-mortar shops, potential consumers would look for three major information: business hours, address and phone number. Customers still choose to trust a business with a phone number. You can earn their trust and prove your legitimacy when your important details are posted on your webpage.

Our click-to-call feature is a direct response to marketing once they get to see your marketing materials. Our service has the ability to convert calls into sales, which is beneficial to any type or size of business.

Client satisfaction is every company's top goal. A good consumer experience defines a great website. Our click-to-call option can be utilized without downloading any additional software. Therefore, your clients can call you right away.

It cannot be denied that we do everything with our mobile phones. People are on their mobile phones to read, talk and shop. Our click-to-call feature best fits mobile users because they can easily make calls through your CTC phone number. The fact that any person can instantly call without dialing numbers is simply a great experience for your website user. They won't be forced to search for numbers or save them on their mobile phones.

With our click-to-call software, you are not only connecting to your customers but you are also increasing your sales.

Having the opportunity to monitor and track voice records helps e-commerce businesses thrive. Our click-to-call software allows you to monitor incoming calls and save important user data for marketing purposes. The detailed analytics of the telephone calls will be recorded in the dashboard of your PBX system. Recorded conversations with users can actually help determine the usual concerns of most callers. Click-to-call definitely provides immediate feedback about how the calls are being handled by the agents.

Click-to-Call Software Boosts Contact Center Efficiency

Monster VoIP is one of the best click-to-call service providers that can contribute to the growth of call centers. Here are some benefits of our software technology:

Boosts Outbound Sales

We can actually help inside sales agents do outbound calls. Using the CRM tool lets representatives to click to dial prospective clients straight from a contact view or CRM lead. It lets agents dial instantly without manually contacting clients. Your agents can call links in your desktop devices as long as you have your VoIP software. As a result, agents can achieve more sales and deals in a day.

Increases Inbound Calls and Sales

In general, businesses go after sales and profits. In order to keep growing as a company, one must build a good relationship with customers. Good customer interaction involves answering queries, handling complaints or requests over the phone. Inbound calls are vital in the customer service industry and any support call centers. Not all customers call because they want to make a purchase. Some of them call because they want to instantly connect with agents who can deal with their concerns. Since click-to-call extensions are intended to connect extremely sales-ready leads with a representative in real-time, they can have a substantial boost in the ROI of inbound sales.

Avoids Dialing Errors

We all commit mistakes, especially when it comes to dialing numbers. Our call technology promotes team productivity each time they place outbound calls. It helps avoid dialing errors, thus agents can get in touch with the right customers right away.

Promotes Team Productivity

Monster VoIP incorporates efficiency into our business communication tools. Our click to dial technology does not only offer convenience but it also improves workforce management. A call request is sent to Monster VoIP each time a site visitor clicks the click-to-call button. As soon as the caller is connected to the agent, the data will be outlined to the CRM of the company and shows the details about the call and the user. Our services can be integrated with your CRM. It helps you track detailed and specific information about the calls specifically their volumes, duration and time and date of calls. You can store the data in your database where it can be analyzed to improve your customer service strategies.

FAQs About Monster VoIP Click to Call Feature

It's easy to make a phone number clickable on your website, documents or emails. Here are easy steps to make a clickable link that opens a dial dialogue on mobile phones or any electronic devices:

How to make a phone number clickable using HTML

Open your editor.

Start with this code:

<a href=" "></a>

You can insert the phone number between the quotes.

<a href="12345678"></a>

Finally, add the word tel before the numbers. It should look like this:

<a href="tel: 12345678">Contact us now at 12345678 </a>

Contact us now at 12345678

How to make a phone number clickable in WordPress

  1. Edit your post or page.
  2. Open the visual editor
  3. Highlight the number you want to make clickable on phones.
  4. Click the hyperlink option
  5. Type tel: followed by your number
  6. Choose the apply button

And you're done!

ReachUC allows you to initiate PBX calls to any phone number on the website using your Google Chrome browser. You can enable the feature by adding it as an extension.