Referral Partner Program

Builds strong partnerships for business growth

Gathering leads and prospective clients aren’t just about tools or software. Sometimes it’s also about referrals.

A referral partner is defined as something related to having an Internet marketing resource that is responsible for recommending your product or service through their websites. When the partner is able to generate new leads and eventually turn leads into sales, then he gets to earn a commission or referral fee. It is indeed a mutual relationship wherein both parties can benefit from each other.

Partnerships based on referrals can be viewed as an advantage by sales teams. Monster VoIP believes in the power of referral partner programs. Long before TV ads or social media marketing became known in the world of advertising, people would recommend a certain product or service by word of mouth. Traditionally, word-of-mouth marketing is the holy grail of advertising. We know why referrals are the most valuable form of marketing that is why we can rely on our referral system to improve our sales and get clients who want to recommend quality services to other companies.

Monster VoIP respects referral-based partnerships and how such programs can benefit businesses in their revenue growth and expansion.

Build Strong Referral Partnerships

Monster VoIP strengthens relationships with referral partners

Nurturing business relationships is crucial. At Monster VoIP, we value referral relationships and support the sales efforts of our partners. As a partner, our company aims to provide customers with the best phone features and products that are worth recommending.

One of the benefits of customer referrals is that it’s cost-effective and considered an effective strategy to increase sales and revenue. Any referral partner program can be tracked, managed and rewarded. Referral conversions can be monitored through codes and tools. Basically, it’s easy to manage referral partner programs with software and sales CRM integration.

A referral partner program is as important as other forms of marketing that involve email campaigns or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. It is more focused on collecting reviews and getting referral sales from real clients or trusted websites. Most companies build their own email referral programs simply because they support and understand the relevance of referral partners.

What’s great about building strong referral partnerships is that it creates opportunities for a company to improve products, services, and customer experience. Without better and improved business solutions, referrals will never convert into sales.

Become a Referral Partner with Monster VoIP

Monster VoIP products and services can support standard, professional and enterprise customer needs. Our cloud-hosted business VoIP phone system is reliable and can deliver results that’s why generating new leads and turning them into revenue will not be a challenge for any of our referral partners. We are aware that most referral partners can be quite selective when it comes to partnerships, especially for referral partners who only want to make great recommendations for a product or service that is of top quality.

Monster VoIP is convinced that for a business to be considered the most successful, every customer must be satisfied with the benefits and solutions that it can offer. Successful businesses will always make efforts to make customers and referral partners happy and satisfied. Every referral partner program partnership is an opportunity to build and strengthen networking relationships.

Monster VoIP also offers partnerships with VoIP resellers. Whether you are a small company owner, a digital agency or a business enterprise, our VoIP reseller program can increase your income potential and share the benefits of having a reseller partner program. We provide 100% support and tools and programs for customers to start their own companies.

Monster VoIP is looking for business partners who want to earn and make it big in a globally competitive market. We support unlimited referrals and allow you to earn a one-time commission based on when the customer is won. The commissions you get depend on the monthly recurring charge of the customers. As a partner, all you need to do is give us the lead so you can get your commissions. We do business professionally and are easy to work with.

Becoming a partner in our VoIP referral partner program is something that you might want to consider especially if you have a large professional network. We provide VoIP solutions that are built for businesses to thrive and choose partners that can support sales. Contact us today and we’d love to welcome you as our partner.