Some people just have the itch: they want to run their own business. If you have that itch, then now is an extremely fortunate time to take the plunge. Startups have more freedom and options than ever before, and one avenue that you should seriously consider is being a software reseller. Resellers don’t create products. Instead, they choose products that they want to sell and build an online presence that helps people buy them. It’s remarkable how accessible this mode of business really is.

What’s in it for You?

You already have plenty of ideas as to why you want to run your own business. Why it should be a software reseller business is a matter of key benefits. There are advantages to this type of shop that just can’t be matched by other means. Here are just a few to consider:

Low Overhead

These days, when you buy software at a box store, you’re usually getting an empty box with a few slips of paper. Everything is done via download. Your reselling business is the same. You don’t have to stock inventory. You simply provide an avenue for people to purchase and download the software they want. Without a storefront or stockroom, you can run this business for an absolute minimum startup cost. That also means you can skip the massive loan or investor hunt other businesses need to get going.

Minimal Time

Getting started certainly requires effort. You have a lot of decisions to make and a brand to build. Once you’re up and running, though, your store is essentially automated. You can choose how much time you want to put into the business from there. If you prefer, you can practically treat is as passive income. If, instead, you find yourself passionate about growth, you can throw yourself into that effort.

Personalized Margins

Once again, low overhead is an amazing thing. Since you aren’t buying stockpiles of software, you have a lot of freedom in how you set your pricing. You can aim for bulk sales and keep things as cheap as possible, or you can push industry limits and make as much as reasonably possible per purchase. It’s all up to you,

If this sounds even the tiniest bit promising, you need to seriously explore becoming a software reseller. If you’d like to delve into the more serious details and really learn how to make this work, you can contact us at Monster VoIP today. We’d love nothing more than to help you get your brand new business up and running, so you can start making you money.