VoIP or Landline? Which one is better for business?

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The first thing you need to keep in mind while choosing between a traditional landline and business VoIP is that they are both entirely different forms of technology though they have some functional similarities. Apart from the similarities, there are many differentiating points between them so you need to make sure that you analyze your organization’s communication system requirement. There are few VoIP Providers who offer a detailed overview of their services which can help you in differentiating between the systems. Here is a comparison that could help you in deciding which one is better for your business: 


When comparing the basis of convenience, business VoIP wins over the landline system. The landline system needs a framework of copper wires to connect all the phones in the organization; this limits the access. However, the VoIP system is based on a virtual connection; through this business and employee communication is not bounded by any location barriers. All mobile devices are connected including office phone, home, and even personal cellphones. VoIP Providers will allot a virtual extension that can be used to make outgoing calls from any location.


You can easily personalize your business VoIP subscriptions; you will have an option to choose the services that best suit your business and to eliminate the ones that you don’t require. By this, you can plan your own customized subscription packages and pay for only the services you are using. On the contrary, the landline system cannot be personalized. There is no such variety in the offerings and the system does not support mobile connectivity. Landline system providers will only offer you a set of designated services whereas VoIP Providers will give you a free hand in personalizing the service package.


A flexible phone system is what your business needs for its smooth functioning. VoIP systems are best for businesses that need to connect multiple deceives to their communication system. The business VoIP allows employees to switch between laptops and office desktops to cell phones. It can also be integrated with the important management systems of the organization which helps to find data easier. Whereas the landline system has no room for alterations and is not flexible at all.

If after the comparison you have found out that VoIP is the best system for your business then contact Monster VoIP. We will provide the best service options for your business that will aid in its growth.