What makes VoIP testing tools a necessity in the operation of businesses is that they help you ensure a smooth connection with your employees and customers. VoIP phone systems need to deliver the utmost audio quality, otherwise, the business communication will be compromised. 

Through VoIP monitoring tools, you are able to ensure that your network is able to support your VoIP systems. Test tools allow you to measure the connection quality of your network so that you are able to be certain that the VoIP communication systems are not experiencing uneven audio and also do jitter test to check the quality of connection. For this purpose, VoIP monitoring tools come in great handy. They are able to tell you how much packet loss, jitter, and latency is on your network.

Here are the 10 best Testing Tools in 2019:

ZDNet Broadband Speed Test

ZDNet is an engaging and fun interface where small businesses can choose their location and connection type by a dropdown menu where they enter the post-code. What differentiates this VoIP Test Tool from others is that the graphics lets you envisage your projected line speed just like you were seeing the speedometer of a sports car. You can also compare the functioning of your connection and speed with others in your region.

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Nextiva VoIP Speed Test

If you are looking for a speed test that almost instantaneously gives you a precise report, you should give Nextiva a try. It will test the line quality at a fast rate. You will not even have to submit any information. All you have to do is click the “Go” button and you will get the results. This VoIP Tool’s report is easy to understand and concise without compromising on the info you need.


If you want a tool that will be able to test the quality of line over a variety of different parameters, for instance, network latency, upload/download speeds, delay, jitter, and packet loss, so you get a picture of where your overall line performance and stability lies, then Freeola is the tool for you. This tool will test the quality of line to ensure it is of topmost quality. You can find their VOIP testing portal here.

Their website is extremely easy to use. It has a helpful glossary where all the terms are defined. This test tool is one-click process that allows you to get a clear picture of what the results will be. No need to enter any such information, all you have to do is click “start test”. Within a few seconds, you will have your report appear on the screen

Speed Test is a tool dedicated to bringing affordable, reliable high-speed internet all over America. The website provides a one-step speed test to measure what the “last-mile speed” is of the connection. This will tell you which connection is likely to be a source of trouble. To work all you need to do is submit your email address. In return, you will receive info about upload/download speeds, and a result comparison of yours with other users all over the world.

8×8 VoIP Test

If you want a way to be certain that the communications or connection is all set to handle the load of company VoIP use, the 8×8 VoIP Test is the way to do so. It lets you replicate VoIP data traffic for around 100 lines. You are free to choose the Codec settings and how long the test should be. You will be able to get a good idea of how well your ISP can perform when under pressure, VOIP quality and any packet loss.

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Bandwidth Place

Tools play a major role in running the communications of the business in a smooth manner. Through Bandwidth Place, you can verify the upload and download speed automatically by identifying the servers. After the tests are run, the results will be automatically displayed. You will not even require a third-party app such as a flash player.


This tool requires just one step. Visit their official website and press the “start test”. After that, you will be directed to their test tool. The test will give you the results in terms of download speed, latency, jitter, upload speed, etc. in a summarized manner.

Another effective tool is that helps businesses in assessing the upload/download speed of their Internet connection. And that’s not all this tool determines. It also measures how much time was taken for a packet to reach the server from the source and back again.


This is another speed test tool that reveals what the download and upload speed of the internet connection is. The test also reports the jitter and latency found on the network. The one thing that many may find annoying about this speed test tool is that in order to run the test, you have to submit your personal information. Regardless of this inconvenience, the results of this tool displayed are worth submitting your information.


Last, but certainly not the least, MegaPath is a tool that works wonders for the business. In order to check for the upload and download speeds, you need to select the city which is near to you and then click on the Start Test. Once the test is run successfully, you are presented with the upload and download speed along with the jitter and latency of your active internet connection.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the importance of having a reliable test tool has become increasingly important in today’s business world. These tools can help a business observe VOIP connection, VOIP quality and measure the nature and speed of their VoIP communication system without the need for technical knowledge.

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