Your Complete Guide to Work From Home

Whether you are new to working from home or a seasoned remote worker, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to make sure you have the proper mindset and the right technology within your reach to thrive while working from home.

Proper Work Space

We highly recommend setting yourself up for success and it all starts with the proper space. Sorry to tell you, but laying in bed with your laptop on a pillow does not qualify as a proper workspace. If you have a spare room to set up a desk, then that is great but you can also work at a dining table and sit on a workout ball or on one knee to keep the blood flowing. 

Minimizing Distractions

Working from home is a totally different environment than an office and requires a high level of self-discipline. There is no one there to make sure you are staying on track except for maybe your dog. A few things we can suggest is to plan your day and have a set schedule. Wake up at the same time you would as if you’re going to the office. You can do the things you normally do before going to work: make your bed, get dressed, brush your teeth and eat your breakfast. This will help with your mindset. Keep the TV off and do your laundry after your work is done for the day. 

Internet Speed

You will now be relying on your home internet and router in a way you might have never thought of. Make sure your internet speed is sufficient to handle your work requirements. If you have bandwidth restriction or live somewhere where high-speed internet is hard to get, then there are things you can do. Perhaps it’s time to limit streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and Netflix while you are working. This means no one is your house should be using these services during your work hours. 


Working from home will bring on a new set of challenges you never had to deal with before. One of them is sound pollution AKA loud noises. This consists of animals, traffic, lawnmowers, and anything that may go on while you are normally not home. It’s important to have the proper headset that will block out all these noises, thus, improving your call quality. 

Phone System

Having the proper phone system in place is essential to your success. We do not recommend using your cellphone or basic home phone simply because they have very limited functions. It’s best to use a VoIP phone system that is rich in features like Click2Call, SMS, Chat & Video Conferencing.