Cloud Fax

An easier way to send and receive faxes in the cloud

Cloud Fax has all the security of a legacy fax machine with none of the hassle. Start sending and receiving faxes in the cloud today.

Cloud Fax
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Modernize your approach to faxing

Tired of the long wait times at the fax machine? Bring your faxes into the future with safe, secure, and efficient cloud faxing. That's less paper wasted, lower costs, and more visibility into your faxing workflows.

Track Every Fax Sent

Stay on top of faxes with access to a historical breakdown of every fax your organization has sent and received.

Reduce Your Faxing Costs

Save time and money with an intuitive cloud faxing solution that eliminates wasted paper, ink, and ongoing maintenance costs.

Secure and Reliable

Whether you're sending or receiving faxes, cloud faxing uses powerful encryption to keep your documents safe.

Core Benefits

Simplify the entire faxing process

One Platform for Faxing

Streamline the faxing process with a single, integrated solution.

Intuitive Functionality

Quickly send and receive faxes without leaving your workstation.

No Hardware, No Stress

Save time, money,, and the environment with our scalable faxing platform.

Simple to Deploy

Start sending cloud faxes in no time with our seamless deployment process.

Seamless Integration

Easily wrap our cloud fax solution into existing platforms and workflows.

24/7/365 Support

Receive anytime, anywhere support from our experienced team.

Don't let legacy fax hold your business back

See how Monster VoIP's cloud faxing solution can cut costs, boost productivity, and eliminate legacy faxing challenges entirely.

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Superior Expertise

We have decades of B2B experience

Don’t let legacy faxing slow your business down. Monster VoIP’s cloud faxing solution gives your business everything it needs to embrace scalable, digital faxing, so you can create a more engaging user experience.

  • Expert guidance to seamlessly evolve your business
  • Contract-free, transparent pricing
  • A cloud fax deployment tailored to your needs


Fully supported by our unified communications suite

Streamline your business with a full-stack platform that features group chat, video conferencing, analytics, contact center functionality, cloud fax, and cloud PBX, so you can embrace digital give your business the tools needed to compete.

  • 20+ CRM integrations
  • Full-feature SMS, MMS, instant messaging, and video meetings
  • Apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, and Android
Cloud Fax


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About Cloud Faxing

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about our cloud faxing solution? Explore our frequently asked questions (FAQs) to learn more about this solution and how it can transform your business.

Is Cloud Faxing Right for My Business?

Yes, cloud faxing is ideal for businesses of all sizes wanting to send faxes from the cloud and leave the hardware in the past. Cloud faxing is a scalable solution that makes sending and receiving faxes easy.

Can I Still Receive Faxes from Traditional Machines?

Absolutely, you’ll still have a fax number for your partners or customers to use with standard fax machines. The only difference is that you’ll receive faxes through our platform or in an email. In addition, faxes are safely stored and only printed by request, saving paper and ink.

Will Cloud Faxing Risk My Compliance?

You won’t risk HIPAA compliance and will still meet other regulations. In addition, our Cloud Faxes services are designed to provide better security than traditional faxing, improving the confidentiality of the transmitted information.

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