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Never lose track of what's important thanks to on-demand video, audio, and conference recordings.

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Whether for compliance, training, marketing, or something else entirely, seamlessly record all interactions.

The Power of Analytics

Combine your recordings with sentiment analysis, usage statistics, contact center metrics, and more.

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Use automatic or ad-hoc recording then use your recordings as needed.

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Create Video & Audio Recordings at Scale

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Fulfill all your communications needs with a single, consolidated solution.

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Enjoy usage-based pricing and no upfront hardware costs

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Anytime, anywhere support from an experienced, dedicated team.

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Experience streamlined installation, configuration, & management

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Securely store all recordings and audit logs to ensure privacy & compliance

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Manage, configure, and control everything through a simple, unified interface

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See how MonsterVoIP's on-demand recording works — and how alongside our other solutions, it can take your business to new heights.

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MonsterVoIP not only understands your communications needs, but also knows the best way to fulfill them. Get the industry-leading support you need to truly make the most out of your PBX.
  • Expert guidance to seamlessly evolve your business
  • Contract-free, transparent pricing
  • Voice recording for every business use case

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Whether you’re recording a voice memo, a meeting, or a professional greeting, MonsterVoIP’s streamlined voice recording software is up to the task.

  • Professionally-recorded prompts for greeting, on-hold, and voicemail messages
  • Online recording and editing software
  • Click-to-record for meetings and more
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Frequently Asked Questions

MonsterVoIP has the experience to know precisely what you need, and the expertise to design, implement, and deploy it. As a trusted cloud communications partner, we'll go the extra mile to help you overcome your greatest challenges, whatever those may be.

How long are call recordings saved?

The number of calls that can be saved depends on the number and length of calls each day and the length of time they will be stored. Once the storage is filled up, older calls are deleted. However, users can download calls directly from the Manager Portal and save calls to an external source.

Is there a limit to the number of call recordings I can store?

All Monster VoIP customers are given 1 Gigabyte of storage for recorded calls as part of their service. Calls are saved as .wav files. Typically, 1 Gb of storage will hold approximately 30 hours of calls. If you need more storage, talk to one of our Sales Engineers.

Can I choose which calls to record?

Yes, you can select all calls for recording or select which users or call queues are recorded. Call recordings are accessed through the Monster Voip Manager Portal. Only users with permission can access recorded calls.

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