Call Queue Feature

Let’s accept it, it’s hard to keep up in this fast-paced world. Everything is constantly moving and to wait in line becomes a universal experience. The truth is, lines or queues are a necessary evil. And this is true even in the customer service industry.

Basically, call queues are calls that are automatically put on hold while the operators are busy handling other calls. It is a form of call management strategy on how to improve call center support service. The goal is definitely not primarily focused on reducing a customer’s waiting time. From a business strategist’s point of view, it is to enhance the customer experience. At Monster VoIP’s, we are confident that our call center queue management is advanced, strategic and unparalleled.

Our Call Queue Feature

Monster VoIP’s call queuing service is a cloud-based phone system with queue feature that gives business communication solutions.

Here are some of our system’s major functions to better manage a call queue:

Call Back System

There are some available call management systems that are programmed to inform the caller that they need to wait and constantly reminding them to stay on the line. Some customized voice recordings would even tell you to stay on the line almost every 40-50 seconds because a representative will be with you shortly. While it’s true that you might not be able to give them accurate wait time, why not give them the option to end the call and wait for your calls instead?

Our customer service call back option allows callers to hang up but still keep their place in the queue. They are also given the option to receive calls from the system once a call center agent is available. Monster VoIP’s call back feature is essential to reduce the average time in queue. Thus, you are able to eliminate waiting time and still make them feel that you are determined to find ways to value their time and experience by giving them another option. With our virtual queuing option, you can effectively minimize your call abandonment rate. Let’s admit it, not all callers are patient and willing to wait.

Call Routing Option

The Monster VoIP Contact Center Solution enables inbound traffic to be equally distributed to call center agents. Our Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) places the caller into a queue until another agent is free.

Round Robin is a call routing option that routes calls to other available agents in order to equally distribute incoming calls and handle them efficiently. It doesn’t only ensure quality service to your customers but it also promotes equal distribution of workload and teamwork.

Our Ring all option rings all agents in the queue until an available agent answers the call. In that way, you are assured that somehow an agent can immediately handle customer calls. Thus, improving your company’s quick response time.


Our business communication tools can be customized based on your business needs and preferences. We offer music on hold add-on when putting a caller on hold. Our On Hold package includes professional talent and scriptwriting services that you can utilize to better manage a call queue. Monster VoIP provides professional recording packages if you prefer customized greetings, ringtones or music, announcement, and messages for your callers to listen to when they are placed on hold.

Effective Call Queue Management

Though every call center manager’s major goal is to keep the Average Handling Time ( AHT) as low as possible, A call queue isn’t supposed to be horrible at all times. According to the psychology of queuing, it should be perceived as an opportunity for businesses to make the waiting experience a chance to gain a competitive edge in providing effective customer service. In fact, understanding the psychology of queues and how to take advantage of it plays a critical role in customer service strategy. After all, time is subjective.

Monster VoIP recognizes the fact that a helpdesk phone queue system is crucial in any size or type of business. Here are the major reasons why you need our Call Queue feature:

Avoids Call Center Abandonment Calls

Patience is a skill and not everyone can easily develop it. There are two types of callers in the customer support industry: a patient customer who is prepared to wait and an impatient one who easily hangs up even before a representative gets the chance to talk to him/her. Our call management system offers logical solutions to avoid call center abandonment calls. One of the reasons why callers abandon phone calls is because it consumes time. Our Callback option lets you contact your customers directly while giving them the freedom to do other things while waiting for a representative to handle their concerns.

Suggests Workforce Management Solutions

Successful workforce management in a call center involves effective staffing and scheduling. With Monster VoIP's phone call routing option, the number of incoming calls is dealt with evenly among agents. It helps develop teamwork, avoid overwork and improve overall workforce productivity. Our Audio Monitoring feature enables call center supervisors to monitor and manage the performance of your agents. through our Call Center Supervisor home page, you can configure call queue recording to allow your call center supervisor to make reports and view statistics that are indeed necessary to manage call center operations.

Time Efficient and Cost-Effective

Monster VoIP provides business solutions to different business industries. We can help you deal with large volumes of incoming calls efficiently. Businesses usually utilize call queuing feature because of poor call management and understaffing. The quality of your customer service doesn't need to suffer. Through our call queue feature, you can manage volumes of calls without hiring and paying additional agents to do the job for you. In today's business world, it's a smart decision to invest in the best tools, software, and business communication providers. With the right call queue software and preprogrammed alternate call handling options, call center operations become manageable and cost-effective.