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For a modern business to reach its potential growth, our business industry today relies on two things: business software tools and the internet. And sometimes, it’s all about paying attention to simple details. As what they always say, it’s actually the little things that can make big things happen. One of the reasons why companies fail is because they don’t give attention to small yet important details in a business environment. The Call Recording phone call recording system feature is a valuable business tool that most businesses tend to ignore.

Monster VoIP’s Call Recording feature allows you to conveniently record incoming and outgoing calls. When properly configured, our phone recording system can efficiently record and store volumes of data to help you manage business operations. Our automatic call recording feature is easy to configure, efficient and cannot be underestimated.

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How Monster VoIP Call Recording Feature Works

Monster VoIP is a business communication provider that supports business management. A call recording app is specially designed to unlock new business opportunities. While one of the basic features of call recorders is mainly to record incoming and outgoing calls, it has other special tasks that are intended to deliver results that are necessary to improve services in the customer care industry. Here are the major features of our call record service:

Organizes Calls

Our system makes it easy to save and locate every voice recorded call by sorting recordings according to date, length, and caller ID, extensions, etc.

Retrieves and Tracks Calls

It doesn’t matter if you are using cloud or any recording device. We fully guarantee that our Call Recording feature has the ability to save, store or even download previously recorded calls in case you need to review them for market research or agent training purposes.

Automatic call recording is available at Monster VoIP. Contact us here for pricing and details.

Improves Workforce Performance Management

There are traditional ways on how to improve performance at work. If we incorporate them with conventional ones, a business can survive its competitive industry. Utilizing advanced VoIP tools is definitely a good business decision.

Recording voice calls influences the performance of every agent in the workplace. It does not only motivate agents but they can also learn from their previous interactions with their customers.

Here’s how Monster VoIP’s call recorder can help you:

Team coaching

Recorded voice calls play a big part in an employee's training. The agents can listen and use great calls as training materials to help them learn from their mistakes and understand the value of handling phone calls appropriately.

Sales strategy

Recordings of phone calls can help identify the qualities of a good call. The supervisors can review and analyze how such a good call was handled which can help gain valuable insights and discover more strategies to keep ahead of their competitors, especially in the sales department.

Performance Evaluation

Managers and supervisors can evaluate an agent's performance when they review their recorded voice calls. Somehow, it encourages accountability. It also helps identify skill gaps at work and suggests ways on how to overcome them.

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Ensures Quality Customer Service

We’ve all experienced calling customer support once or twice in our lives. And for sure, you’ve heard them inform you that your call may be recorded and that you can hang up if you are not comfortable with the idea of being recorded.

The most basic goal of a call recording function is quality assurance. Reviewing good calls can help set standards on how agents are supposed to respond and handle customers’ concerns. With a record or database of important calls, your company can easily assess valuable customer feedback. Thus, it can also be viewed as an opportunity to better understand every customer’s needs and how they want to be interacted with. Some companies use apps to record calls when they are taking orders or accepting payments.

Protects Company Rights and Privacy

Customer security is the primary concern in the customer service industry. In a banking or trading industry, security is its top priority. Resolving customer issues may require them to share confidential information that they are hesitant to share with customer service representatives. Call Recording protects your company from potential lawsuits when there is order miscommunication, leak of information or a customer’s privacy is compromised. Reviewing call recordings can help resolve customer disputes, settle complaints and address leakage issues.

Our system is not only considered a customer-oriented solution. When confidential information is compromised or an inappropriate conversation is initiated by the agent, the supervisor can easily retrieve call records and take possible disciplinary actions to avoid such things from happening in the future. It automatically records calls for both parties so it’s easy to track previous records in case you need to use them as evidence.

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Monster VoIP Improves Overall Business Performance

Businesses strive to be efficient and cost-effective. Monster VoIP’s offers a cost-effective phone recording system for small businesses, even for big companies. Recording calls can do the following for your company:

  • Increases sales conversation rate
  • Identifies areas of expertise that is lacking in the business
  • Promotes customer satisfaction
  • Protects companies from possible legal actions
  • Settles disputes with customers and business partners

Customer Service Call Recording Laws

Call recording software or any app for recording phone calls is legal in the U.S., but notification and permission regulations vary by state. On the federal level, S18 U.S. Code § 2511 set what is recognized as the “one-party consent” law. This regulation indicates that at least one party or the caller included in a call must be informed that everything is being recorded. There are different levels of consent depending on where you are living. Specific states require both parties to be notified that the call is being recorded. Google has already started informing advertisers that they can start recording some calls that go through call extensions in ads and call-only ads. To be sure, you may check and review your state permits.