If you want your business’s first impression to be a positive one, improve your business voicemail greeting. You want your greeting to be such that it matches your business’s good image.

If you need some help in forming a memorable business voicemail greetings on your VoIP communication system, here are 20 quick tips to help you do so.

Introduce Yourself

When recording your business voicemail greeting, be sure to identify and introduce yourself and your business. This helps to confirm your caller that they have reached whom they intended.

Create A Professional Voicemail Greeting

Instead of having the typical “You’ve reached ABA Corporation. Please leave your message after the beep”, make it unique and interesting.

Smile When You Speak

Though it may seem weird and nonsensical to you, it really works. When you smile as you speak, you are able to sound happy, cheerful, and upbeat. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

State The Correct Expectation

When recording your business voicemail greetings on your VoIP phone system, make sure to state the correct time when your callers can expect you to call back. If your call-back policy is within two hours or 24 hours, make sure to say the correct expected time so your callers don’t waste their time waiting for your call.

Speak Clearly & Slowly

One of the rules you should remember is to speak a bit slowly and clearly so that your callers are able to understand more easily what is being said.

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No Monotone

Make sure you don’t use a monotone voice when you record your business voicemail greetings. Use inflection in your voice so you don’t sound like a robot.

Keep Your Voicemail Greeting Concise

Provide as much useful information in your business voicemail greeting. However, be sure to keep it short and concise. An excessively lengthy voicemail can be damaging rather than helpful. Keep your voicemail to around 20-25 seconds maximum.

Write Down Your Voicemail Script

Before you record your business greeting, make sure to write it down first. Finalize your script and then rehearse a few times before you record the final business voicemail.

Nil The Noise

When you start to record the business voicemail greetings, be sure to pay attention that the professional voicemail is not able to pick up background noises that could make your message sound distorted and inaudible.

Frequently Update Your Business Greeting

When you frequently update your business greeting, there is a chance more people will listen to the message. You can update your voicemail with relevant information about your business as a way to keep your customers well-informed.

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Find Your Pain Points

One of the things to remember before recording your business voicemail greetings is to identify your pain points. This will help you to state more clearly for your clients in leaving enough context when leaving a voicemail.

Recognize Your Customer’s Pain Points

Instead of you making your clients and customers sit through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR menu) so they may be directed to the person they would like to talk to, try to make fewer hurdles and steps for your customers.

Classify Your CTA

After you recognize your and your customer’s pain points, it will be much easier for you to classify what instructions you need to mention in your business voicemail greetings. Modifying your calls to action will help to make a big difference in eliminating pain points and enhancing the customer experience.

Guide the Client or Customer through the Process

You have stated your calls-to-action. Now you have to make sure they know the process to follow. If you want your customers to leave their voicemail messages, you have to tell them from the start, “Kindly leave your name, the purpose of your call, and how to contact you.”

Make Your Greetings Simple

After you have stated in your business voicemail greetings what you want the clients and customers should do when leaving a message, it is important to remember that you keep your voicemail messages short and concise. Use smaller and simplified words rather than business jargon your customers will not understand.

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Give Attention to Your Choice of Word (Verbs Specifically)

As mentioned above, it is extremely important to have a voicemail message that is easy to understand. However, there is also the matter of word choice. You must ensure to give attention to what your words are in your voicemail greetings. There can be certain words used that may trigger your customers. Though you did not mean what they understood, it will still bring a bad name to your company’s reputation. Your choice of words can affect you significantly, so make you give close attention to your words.

Avoid Using Technical Terms

Customers do not possess the expertise and knowledge you do. When creating your business voicemail greetings, make sure you don’t use technical terms that the customer may not be able to understand.

Keep a check on Call-Specific Key Performance Indicators

It is important that you monitor your performance indicators for you to check if the slightest of changes can bring a difference to how many voicemails are received.

Help Your Customers Come In Prepared

One of the things that can irritate the customer or client is when they come to a meeting without knowing what to bring along. Your business voicemail greetings can be a way for them to know the documents they must come with so that they do not waste their time.

Get Seasonal Voicemail Greetings

During the holiday season, make your customers feel more welcome and give them the customer experience they hope for through your voicemail by informing them that you will contact them after the holiday season.

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