‘This call may be recorded for quality assurance.’” You must have heard this phrase many times upon calling a business. Customer’s experiences play a pivotal role in the success and reputation of a company. Companies who have a call recording solution come across as more professional and proficient to their customers. Business VoIP call recording provides modern businesses to improve the quality of their communication and shield themselves from potential lawsuits. Let’s briefly discuss 3 reasons why your company should have a call recording system.

Why Having A VoIP Call Recording Solution Is Advantageous

Protection from Lawsuits

Any company that operates in an external business environment faces the risk of a lawsuit, especially those who work in the customer service industry. One of the most common grounds behind these lawsuits is miscommunication, which may allow consumers to hold a company or their employees liable. Despite the outcome, the legal costs associated with it can be quite expensive.

However, proactive measures such as call recording solution offer protection against potential claims and possibly allow your company to reduce its liability to a certain extent. Recording the conversation with a client will provide a record of every occurrence happened over the business phone, which may serve as admissible evidence to defuse disputes at an earlier stage of the case. Consequently, call recording will save legal costs associated with a long trial and help your business to maintain its reputation.

Performance Evaluation and Quality Control

Call recording allows a company to monitor present and past interactions between employees with their customers. This can be highly advantageous for managers and supervisors as it provides them greater control over the quality by monitoring and analyzing how calls are being handled.

Modern VoIP providers offer call recording solutions that may allow a company to find recordings based on different criteria such as date and time, caller ID, duration, outbound dialed number, extensions, to name a few. Accordingly, it provides higher quality control and allows a company to provide improvements which can be made by identifying and addressing problems, allowing companies to provide greater customer service to their clients.

Added Security

Call recording solution is not only a customer-oriented solution but allows a company to monitor employees’ activity to ensure that no confidential information is compromised. Moreover, call logs can be extremely useful to reduce the likelihood of any inappropriate conversation such as verbal harassment or misuse of business phones like excessive use of the business phone for personal calls.

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