Choosing a business VoIP service can be quite a tricky task with the availability of different VoIP service providers in the market. Each VoIP service comes with different features and functionalities, therefore, it is imperative that you conduct thorough research of different VoIP providers before you make a decision.

Here are 3 key aspects that you must consider while choosing between different Business VoIP Service:


Security of office phone systems is perhaps the most critical and vital element for your business. As technology gets advanced day-by-day, hackers are equipped with new and sophisticated software and techniques, posing a great threat to the confidentiality of your company’s valuable information. VoIP using the internet and cloud-based service requires special attention as they serve as a hub of communication channels for your business.

Therefore, it is imperative that your business VoIP is highly secured, providing authentication options and end-to-end encryption. This can virtually eliminate the chances of a security breach in your VoIP system, saving your company from potential breach of confidentiality.

Unified Communications

There are multiple channels of communication in a modern-day business, which can make it quite difficult to keep track of all the information. When you think about VoIP service, you imagine that different channels of communication of your company will be streamlined and consolidated into a single system. That is quite true, however, not every small business phone systems come with these features.

Thus, you must ensure that your business VoIP provider integrates your phone calls, SMS, chats, conference calls, voicemail, and E-mail in a single system. This will allow you to track when, where and how each of the business call or message was placed or received. This will not only result in increased productivity but will also serve as a great accountability and control tool for your business.

Customer Support

Effective and reliable communication channels, both internal and external, are critical for the success of your business. Internal support helps a business to conduct their daily operations effectively and improve the efficiency and productivity of your business while external communication makes sure that business retains its existing clients and gain new customers as well.

In order to maintain reliable communication, best business phones for small business offer 24/7 customer support to ensure prompt troubleshooting of issues faced by a customer. Again, not all small business phone systems come with reliable customer support, therefore, you must make sure that your business VoIP provider offers 24/7 reliable customer support and contain a solution center which contains all FAQs for your ease, especially if the phone is a primary method of communication of your business.

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