Business phone systems are a modern network created to enhance intra-organizational communication in small and large corporations. These systems are capable of handling complex business tasks like customer service calls, call routing so that the concerned personnel is aware of the problem, and communication between employees and other stakeholders. Office phone systems have a variety of capabilities that will be hard to find on traditional telephone service. In this post, we will highlight the different features of a telecom system for a modern workplace.

Features of an Office Phone System

A business phone system is a crucial element for any business; it keeps the entire workforce connected throughout the organization. Some of the most basic features of an office phone system include:

Auto Call Attendant

An auto attendant answers all incoming calls and provides instructions to the caller about how to reach a particular department by dialing an extension.


A voicemail feature help store a message, retrieval of these messages is possible. You can get all your voicemail even when you’re away from the office.

Oh-Hold Music or Messages

This feature allows the caller to know if the call is still on and active. You can choose to play a particular piece of music or have an automated message recorded.

Multiple Lines

Modern office phones enable the setup of multiple lines that allow your business representatives to speak with several customers or employees at the same time.

Conference Call Feature

The conference call feature is essential for any phone system; a reliable VoIP provider will ensure that your business phone network helps keep everyone connected.

VoIP Phone Systems

When you decide to get a VoIP phone for your business, it’s essential to understand how these systems work. You can choose a reliable business VoIP like Monster VoIP to help set up your new office phone network. Such a communication system will help your business improve its productivity. Add unique phone numbers to your list just like a traditional phone system but with better call management techniques. Use a phone system that provides seamless integration with other software your company uses. VoIP services can easily be connected to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to allow automatic call logging and other benefits of an automated system. This way your business will be able to handle customer complaints thoroughly.

Monster VoIP services can boost communication infrastructure for any business. Communication through our reliable business VoIP services will improve how your employees communicate. Give us a call and speed up your business communication system with our reliable VoIP services.