Congratulations! Your business is flourishing and is gradually getting to the level that you aspired it to be at. Now, what is the next step? Well, you would want to control operating costs and upgrade your systems to create a more efficient environment.

A Forbes study claims that “Customers form an impression of a business in the first 7 seconds of contact.” This usually includes the live or automated attendant that is communicating with potential clients.

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Most Small Businesses Opts for Automated Business Phone Systems & Heres Why:

Different Types of Auto-Attendant Systems

All automated business phone systems cater to your business in the same way, but there are differences in how the final system will function, depending on which VoIP Provider you choose to create and install the system.

The most basic system is the ‘Simple Menu System,’ which might not have many classifications of your business and will just display the business extension options. Most small business phone systems employ this system. A ‘recorded greeting,’ can personalize how you engage with clients, and this can allow you to promote offers or your corporation in general in the voice of the founder or whoever you want to represent the business.

Lastly is the IVR system. The interactive voice response system is usually used by large organizations, as it includes many functions such as customer service or voice-activated bill pay. With many modifications of the auto attendant systems available, businesses can use whichever best caters to them.

Save on Receptionist Costs

Auto attendants do not take days off, do not come late to work, and are always there when needed. Automated business phone systems really help save your business from overhead costs.

Increase Employee Efficiency

Not only is employing an auto-attendant a cost saver but also can save employees the hassle of attending and watching out for calls. This can help them focus on other tasks and thus, improve productivity.

Good Customer Impression

VoIP Providers can really help businesses project a professional image to their clients. Callers will feel that the effort put into installing an automated greeting equal to a diligent business.

Automated Phone Systems For Small Businesses

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