SMS marketing campaigns are highly lucrative and it continues to be one of the most common and effective ways to reach the target audience. Some business VoIP services offer open rate services for text messaging service for companies. Since mobile phones are mainstream today, it might be a good idea for companies to use SMS marketing to increase brand awareness. Here are some methods that you can use to kick-start your SMS marketing campaign.

Create a Marketing Team

Most businesses make the grave mistake of taking SMS marketing as a do-it-yourself DIY project. Your business will need to rely on marketing experts to get the most out of your marketing strategy. You will need a professional SMS marketing campaign expert, a sales expert, social media expert, retail expert, coordinators, creative designers, and promotion specialist. The entire team must be well connected through business phone systems. They need excellent communication channels to help them establish plans, strategies, and execution plans.

Be Aware of the Customer Demand

Sending randomly targeted text messages to your potential customers could get you in trouble with the FCC, the customers and the carrier. The SMS marketing campaign must be based on market research outcomes that determine what the customers are actually looking for and what they expect from your brand in terms of product or service quality and price. The idea is to use the information collected through market research and send a message through a business VoIP, which offers SMS service for marketing. Send a message that the customer would actually want to read. It goes without saying that companies must refrain from using the bait-and-switch technique on their customers.

Build an SMS Marketing List

For SMS marketing to be successful, the customer will have to opt-in to receive any marketing message from your company. The best practice is to contact your potential customers by offering downloadable content by sharing their mobile numbers. An important point to remember here is that the lead must be clickable and the customer must agree to receive marketing messages.

Write a Clear and Concise Message

The idea behind an easy to understand, clear and concise message is to grab the attention of the customer in 160 characters. Try to use fewer characters and deliver a small but elaborate message. Avoid using abbreviations, emoticons, and all-caps words. Avoid using open ending messages that might confuse your target audience. Talk to your VoIP providers if they offer a comprehensive SMS marketing tool.

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