Monster VoIP Cuts Costs and Improves Communication for Evolved Office

For more than 10 years, Evolved Office has provided strategic turnkey and custom marketing solutions to businesses across the country and throughout the world. Their proprietary software allows customers to use and edit ready-to-go HTML templates, email them, and track results. In addition to email marketing, this full-service firm also offers website development, SEO and PPC services, social media management, and more. Evolved Office is committed to providing top-notch products and services to their 600+ clients worldwide.


With a growing team and list of clientele, Evolved Office was struggling with their communication services. The management team found it expensive and cumbersome to maintain their Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems in conjunction with a variety of supplemental communication platforms, such as video conferencing services. Moreover, it was burdensome for their team to learn and use all of the different communication platforms necessary to perform day-to-day operations.

In addition to balancing costs and multiple platforms, Roger Jung, VP of Sales at Evolved Office, recalls the main challenge of working with their previous solution: consistency. “The voice quality would decline from the beginning to the end of a call. Some days were better than others. Sometimes there would be too much static on the calls, making it difficult to hear and communicate with our clients.” The inconsistent performance of their VoIP solution was the last straw that drove the Evolved Office team to look for a new solution.


Evolved Office needed a better VoIP phone system to cut costs, increase voice quality, and simplify their communication tools, so they could focus on helping their customers. Their first qualification was to find a solution that provided better functionality that consistently performed at an optimal level. They also required a consolidated communications environment that offered one, easy-to-use interface that met all of their team’s communication needs. This included built-in video conferencing to meet with their customers and mobile capabilities, such as call forwarding, for when employees were offsite. Ultimately, they needed a solution that reduced the exorbitant overhead costs of their former service. At the end of the day, Evolved Office needed a new phone system that would save the company money, increase efficiency, and streamline communication tools.


Evolved Office turned to Monster VoIP to provide a VoIP solution that offered a complete package of communication tools to better serve their needs. After conducting a comprehensive assessment of their phone systems and other communication tools, Monster VoIP discovered that they could save Evolved Office over $3,000 over the next year alone!

To get started, Monster VoIP implemented their VoIP phone systems in conjunction with a Unified Communications integration, which provided the mobile and conferencing tools that the Evolved Office team so desperately needed. Monster VoIP first provided upgraded, FREE VoIP softphones to the Evolved Office team. The installation process was one-on-one with a dedicated Monster VoIP phone systems expert who walked their team through each step of setting up their new devices. After a few hours, the entire Evolved Office team was up and running, with individualized portal access to one, unified user interface. The portal allowed for easy voicemail setup (including voicemail transcriptions and recordings sent via email), call recording, and so much more.


After using Monster VoIP’s phone system, a few key improvements stand out. First, the call quality is enhanced. No longer do they have to worry about static on the line or a call cutting in and out. Instead, the new system provides them with a reliable, fast phone system that ensures the Evolved Office team can maintain regular communication with clients.

Unified Communications Integration By Monster VoIP

Next, the Unified Communications integration provided through Monster VoIP’s phone services proved to deliver the all-in-one interface needed to streamline Evolved Office’s communications. With video conferencing, call recording, a mobile app, and more available through the same platform, team members no longer have to juggle multiple interfaces with fewer options.

Affordable VoIP Solution

Finally, consider the price savings realized by Evolved Office. The monthly fees for Monster VoIP’s services are more affordable than their previous plan, so cost savings were immediate. What is even better is they were able to eliminate additional licenses for screen sharing application platforms, as their new VoIP phone system is capable of facilitating web conferencing calls. The thousands of dollars saved annually continues to be a boon to Evolved Office’s bottom line, validating their decision to switch over their phone services.

The Evolved Office team now is able to spend more time providing better customer service to their clients and much less time worrying about their communication tools. Since integrating Monster VoIP’s phone system, Evolved Office has enjoyed getting back to business by focusing on helping their customers achieve their marketing goals.

“Monster VoIP takes service to the next level. They are quick to respond and address all of our needs. And the portal is amazing!”

-Roger Jung

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