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Episode #20 – Educating your prospects with Dale Dupree

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On Today’s episode, we are going to be talking with Dale Dupree, of The Sales Rebellion. Dale and I are going to talk about Radically Educating your prospects on the first touch. And how to create responses, whether good or bad, but never indifferent.

Dale Dupree is an exemplary model of what it means to Be Yourself. He embodies practicing what you preach and isn’t afraid to own his mistakes. With enough love to pass around, Dale takes having a passion for life seriously. Cultivated by the courage and fueled by sincerity, Dale was raised to be extraordinary. He has picked up the torch, left to him by his father, and uses it to light the way for himself as well as others. For him, The Sales Rebellion is the fruition of a decade of waking up every morning determined to know true success.

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