Episode #22 – Self-awareness, mindset and journey accountability with Steve Pfrenzinger

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On Today’s episode, we are going to be talking with Coach Steve Pfrenzinger. Steve and I are going to be talking about All things self-awareness and feedback related. Specifically, Personal Brand, Personality Type, Mindset, Visibility, and Journey accountability.

Steve is an entrepreneur that loves learning, sharing, and simplifying the many lessons from his own nearly-5-decade career. That includes:
1) starting and selling 2 successful 8-figure revenue tech services firms
2) becoming a Hall of Fame Angel investor
3) being a coach to hundreds, most of which are entrepreneurs and change agents of all categories. Some were execs at Sony, Disney, Broadcom, and Oracle.

Steve is an accomplished writer, speaker, researcher, and originator of the Self-Awareness Mastery Series, 5 deep-dive feedback assessments.

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