On Today’s episode, we are going to be talking with Michael Ray, of Smile Project Louisville. Michael and I are going to be talking about spreading love and influencing attitudes and behaviors through random acts of kindness and smiles. The Smile Project movement evolved from the relationship he has with his non-verbal daughter Maddie who has Down Syndrome. He’s taken hundreds of photos with strangers and delivered countless smiles through random acts of kindness in the community. He’s been featured in multiple news stories on the local CBS affiliate WLKY and the ABC affiliate WHAS TV Michael loves to smile and bring smiles to others because life can be hard – not easy. A smile is the same in every language and costs nothing. BE THE REASON SOMEONE SMILES TODAY. Monster VoIP | Your #1 VoIP Provider Website Address 1730 E Holly Ave #749, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States Phone Phone: +1 877-818-9696 Email Hours: Open 24 hours