If you need a business phone, you may assume you must get a traditional landline or a cell phone service contract. However, you can go around this with hosted voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) services on the market. So what is hosted VoIP? Hosted VoIP is a phone service that users receive over an internet connection. Two of the best known hosted voice-over IP services are Google Voice and Grasshopper. Google voice is simple to use and a great solution for freelancers and sole proprietors who need a business line. Grasshopper is a solution for businesses that will expand their call management needs in the future. Keep reading to learn the main differences when it comes to comparing Google Voice vs. Grasshopper…

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What Is Grasshopper?

Grasshopper VoIP provides users with a second phone number for their cell phones. Users can keep business and personal calls separate. Grasshopper allows users to make and receive calls from landlines, cell phones, or computers on their desktop and mobile applications. 

The benefits and features of Grasshopper VoIP services include the following: 

  • Toll-free, vanity, and local numbers.
  • Monthly or annual plans.
  • Apps available for desktop, iOS, and Android.

Additionally, the system is highly rated for ease of use, and customers can access support 24/7 via phone, email, and online user guides.

Grasshopper is used in many countries worldwide and offers convenient communication options for teams and on-the-go workers. Grasshopper has three plans to choose from.

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What Is Google Voice?

Google Voice also allows users to have a personalized phone number for free, which can be used for domestic and international calls. It provides various features and benefits, such as automated attendants, which can be set up to direct callers to the correct departments in an organization. 

The service can also be integrated with Google Calendar and Google Meet. It also offers call transfer, PC-to-PC free voice calling worldwide, call recording, conference calling, call blocking, and customizing voicemail greetings. In addition, it also allows users to port or transfer their phone numbers to Google Voice.

Google Voice stands out because its platform can be accessed at no charge. Users of Google Voice get a phone number, SMS texting, and phone calls.

Google Voice vs. Grasshopper: Head-to-Head Comparison

Below is a comprehensive comparison of Google Voice vs. Grasshopper.

Pricing and Plans

At Google Voice, you can get a free plan with unlimited domestic calls and texts, call forwarding, voicemail transcripts, and apps for Android and iOS. Plus, for business, you can choose from a variety of plans, ranging from just $10 to $30 per user per month—with three awesome tiers to pick from!

In contrast, Grasshopper’s pricing structure varies based on how many phone lines and extensions a business needs. There are three plans available—Solo, Partner, and Small Business—ranging from $26 to $80 per month when billed annually.

Grasshopper is better for small businesses that need multiple staff members and advanced features. Grasshopper offers a better value since Google Voice’s rates are per user.

Free Trial

Grasshopper offers a seven-day free trial, while Google Voice is part of Google Workspace, which offers its own free trial, although Google Voice itself does not have a separate trial offer. 

Grasshopper’s free trial provides access to all its features, while Google Voice limits features in its free tier.

Grasshopper also includes unlimited text messages in available markets. In contrast, Google Voice offers limited features for personal use at no cost, with domestic and international calls, voicemail transcripts, call forwarding, and Android and iOS apps. 

To access the full range of business phone system features, users must upgrade to one of the paid plans, ranging from $10 to $30 per user per month.

Although Google Voice does not offer a free trial period, their free service plan is more advantageous than Grasshopper because there is no time limit for the free service features.

Auto Attendant and Virtual Receptionist

Grasshopper’s VoIP calling solution includes an automated attendant where the auto-attendant feature automatically answers inbound calls and offers various menus that allow callers to be directed to the correct people or departments.

Google Voice also offers an automated attendant with menu options. However, the features are more basic than those offered by Grasshopper. This solution is designed more for solopreneurs who need an alternative to their telephone numbers but don’t have a need for complicated features and analytics. 

Google Voice has an advantage over Grasshopper because auto attendant, though limited, is free. Multi-level auto attendant is included with a subscription for both brands.

Communication Features

Grasshopper offers audio conferencing for up to ten participants, while Google Voice supports four participants. It also supports VoIP and Wi-Fi calling with all packages. Additionally, Grasshopper offers toll-free numbers, virtual fax, vanity numbers, and a live virtual receptionist. 

On the other hand, Google Voice does not offer these features; it only provides advanced features such as desk phone support, multi-level auto attendant, and advanced reporting to its higher-tier plans. Furthermore, neither provider offers call recording or video conferencing within their plans.

Grasshopper has the advantage over Google Voice. Google Voice users must subscribe to Google Workspace to expand audio conferencing participants.

Call Management and Control

Google Voice offers free incoming calls to the United States from anywhere and unlimited SMS messaging within the US over desktop and mobile devices via the Apple or Android mobile app. It also provides caller ID and filters out likely spam calls. Unfortunately, call recording is not offered. 

Grasshopper offers toll-free and vanity options, as well as international calling charged on a per-minute basis. 

Overall, Grasshopper offers more robust call control features like auto-attendants and supervised transfers, making it the better option for those looking for a complete voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) solution.

Phone Numbers and Extensions

Grasshopper has the edge over Google Voice regarding virtual phone numbers and extensions. With Grasshopper, users can have up to five telephone numbers and unlimited extensions. This includes vanity numbers (including seven letters or numbers) and toll-free numbers. By contrast, Google Voice only allows one telephone number per user, with no vanity or toll-free numbers available.

Grasshopper is a better choice for small businesses looking for more features and flexibility regarding virtual phone numbers and extensions. 


Google Voice and Grasshopper both offer usage reports and analytics that provide insight into how customers are using their VoIP services.

Google Voice provides basic analytics such as incoming/outgoing calls and message data. It also offers a search bar that makes it easy to quickly find specific information. Additionally, Google Voice stores audit logs for six months.

Grasshopper offers more detailed analytics than Google Voice, which includes telephone number extensions, an automated attendant, virtual fax, voice message transcription, and call reports. Grasshopper carries the torch as the better platform for integrations.

Customer Support

Grasshopper offers 24/7/365 sales and support with multiple options, including online chat, phone, email, Twitter, Facebook, and an online support center. In addition, new Grasshopper users receive a Customer Care Agent to help with onboarding.

The customer support contacts with aren’t as reliable. They offer customer support via an online help center and a community forum. Customers can also reach out to Google Voice for assistance on online contact forms. However, response times can be lengthy; Google promises the the issue will be solved within ten days.


Google Voice offers a scalability feature that allows it to be deployed instantly from anywhere with less administrative work. This feature includes easy setup of multi-level extensions. However, the features available are slightly fewer than Grasshopper.

Grasshopper offers a complete VoIP solution that provides more options to expand its capabilities. It has three dedicated tiers for growing businesses, providing more call routing options and flexibility. 

Grasshopper offers more advanced scalability features than Google Voice for businesses looking for various call-handling capabilities and virtual phone number options.

Customer Experience

Both services are easy to set up. Google Voice is the easiest because it doesn’t have as many features as Grasshopper. Because Grasshopper offers more extensions at better price points, its setup is more intensive. 

Google Voice wins as the best customer experience due to the absence of advanced features.

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Google Voice vs. Grasshopper: How We Evaluated

In our comparison of Google Voice and Grasshopper, we evaluated each pricing tear and the features that are available. Google Voice’s free option gives it a considerable advantage over Grasshopper and attracts freelancers and sole proprietors the most. 

Both platforms offer expanded service under paid tiers. We evaluated the free trial periods for both plans and the features received. Grasshopper’s free trial exists for all three plan levels. However, Google’s base service is free with nominal helpful call features. 

Call management, phone numbers and extensions, and communication features are reasons a business needs VoIP service. We reviewed how each platform provides these features. We reviewed the presence and absence of toll-free numbers, the number of extensions, and how each platform allows users to manage call data and analytics.

VoIP Alternatives

RingCentral is an excellent alternative to Google Voice and Grasshopper VoIP services. It provides a comprehensive business VoIP system with advanced features such as cloud-based PBX, unlimited calling, collaboration tools, and analytics. Additionally, it integrates with popular apps such as Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Nextiva is another top VoIP solution that is ideal for small businesses. It offers auto attendants, voicemail, unlimited calling, and video conferencing. It also integrates CRM systems and cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Dialpad is another great VoIP alternative to Google Voice and Grasshopper VoIP services. It offers unlimited calling, a voice-activated AI assistant, and real-time analytics. It can be integrated with popular apps such as Slack, Office 365, and Salesforce, allowing users to access their data from one platform. Additionally, it supports international calls and allows users to set up their own call-routing rules.

Jive is a hosted service with a cloud-based VoIP solution. It is plug-and-play, so you don’t need an on-site appliance such as a dedicated server. Jive has one package, which costs $1436.40 per month. It includes auto-attendants, call analytics, call queues, call recording, conference bridge, fax to email, time-based routing, unlimited extensions, virtual fax, visual dial plan editor, and more.

Ooma also offers a range of unified communication solutions and requires no on-site hardware. It has two tiers: Basic ($19.95 per user per month) and Pro ($24.95 per user per month). 

The Basic plan includes unlimited calling, toll-free or local numbers, performance reports, call flow, auto-receptionist, and caller ID & CNAME, custom greetings, business hours, call queues, ten contacts, conference calls, dial by name, mobile app, web phone, web widgets, and live support.

Bottom Line

Grasshopper is a good solution for small businesses looking for an affordable, feature-rich communications system. Offering competitive pricing, multiple customer support options, and essential business features such as toll-free numbers, virtual fax, and phone extensions, Grasshopper is a good option for those seeking a more robust VoIP solution. However, Monster VoIP offers more robust solutions and better pricing making it the top choice for many small to mid-sized businesses.  

While Google Voice is a viable option for freelancers and small businesses, its limited scalability makes it s poor choice for a business that plans to grow its telecom needs using VoIP. 

Discover the perfect VoIP solution for your business with the help of our knowledgeable representatives! Let’s chat and find the option that works best for you.