When someone calls your business, the interactive voice response (IVR) or phone system greeting will be their introduction to your business. Your VoIP voice recordings will give a caller their first impression. You should do what you can to make sure that impression enriches the customer’s experience and represents your brand well, and this is often accomplished with a professional voice recording. Here are a few ways you can use professional voice recordings to help your business succeed. 

Professional Voice Recordings Add Tone and Credibility

If your VoIP voice recordings sound amateurish or sloppy, your callers will think the same of your business. The best way to prevent this impression is with high-quality VoIP voice recordings from a professional studio.

A professional recording is about tone, direction, and getting the message across in a way that people respect. Professional talent directed by an engineer can create studio-quality recordings that sound like a business should sound—professional, established, and esteemed.

Your professional recordings will let callers know your business is serious and reputable. In addition, your recordings will add strength to your brand and credibility to your business.

Professional Voice Recordings Help You Avoid Legal Tangles

If someone other than you recorded your greeting or messages, that person may have rights to those VoIP voice recordings. If that person leaves on bad terms or has their employment terminated, they can do irrevocable things to your brand image by using those recordings.

You can also experience legal issues if someone claims your use of the recordings violates their ownership of said recordings. These types of issues don’t come up a lot, but why take the chance? Using a third party to professionally create your voice recordings will eliminate even the possibility of such things happening.

Professional Voice Recordings Come With Other Expert Services

Figuring out everything to include in your phone greetings or IVR menus isn’t easy. You may add all the information you think is pertinent only to have callers asking about something entirely different. You may even forget to add certain things because you’re overwhelmed with keeping track of your options.

A VoIP voice recordings company will have experience with business phone menus. Experienced recording services can show you examples of greetings and menu options, helping you create a visual flowchart of your phone system’s menus. Voice recording services aren’t just about creating audio, they have tools, resources, and experience.

In these ways and more, a professional voice recording can help your business do better. To learn more about professional VoIP voice recordings and associated services, don’t hesitate to contact Monster VoIP today.