It is no secret that with the growth of business VoIP, the increasing VoIP Providers has taken over the traditional office phone systems as it provides more options for optimal functioning and most importantly its fair cost-effectiveness. Users simply need to switch their PRI lines to support SIP protocol to upgrade to Sip trunking, that’s the only point when one need to make investments, but from that point onwards there are no heavy bills. On the contrary, it costs them much less than a traditional system.

Let’s look in to some other reasons why more and more organizations are adopting to the SIP Trunking and how is it any better than conventional business phone systems?

Call Capabilities by Sip Trunking

The sip trunking allows you to utilize the directory assistance services. The calling capabilities provided by SIP trunk are remarkably unmatched as they allow you to receive and make both local and long-distance calls; landline numbers, as well as mobile numbers, are both accessible. Aside from that, internet services are also available so you can even use email services and texting. Moreover, emergency calls like 911 can also be dialed directly.

Reduction of Overlapping Networks

Since SIP provides multiple digital streaming, no hassle of having to maintain and operate both the data network and the voice telephonic networks, thus eliminating the growth-related issues or the trouble and cost of added physical infrastructure for every new user.

VoIP Security

In order to keep the incoming calls moderate and filtered, the VoIP firewall is a great way to protect the infrastructure. There are amazing features with advanced measures that one can apply for optimized secure usage over the network. SIP proxy technology allows you to cover all bases and take correct preventative measures and offers control over the SIP traffic control to the maximum, allows the admin to ensure correct routing, apply verification measures. Apart from this, the administration is able to control and choose what feature are or are not to be allowed to whom within the network. SIP also allows features that from within the organization can be enabled or disabled without having to connect with the external vendor and other features allowing it to function as a high-operational network.

Increased Productivity due to its Mobility

With SIP as part of the system, businesses can for sure increase their productivity as this allows you to be connected through your mobiles via flexible and user-friendly applications. Thus increasing productivity, unlike in the traditional office phone system, as the users via business VoIP are able to connect with the customers through their cell phones throughout the day even when not on their desks or within the office premises they can make sales, transfer and receive data, email, text or hold video-conference. SIP mobility attributes also enables organizations to maintain a connection even when the internet connection fails.

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