In December of 2019, a new strain of coronavirus has been detected in Wuhan, a city located in the province of Hubei, China. This coronavirus was first called the 2019 Novel Coronavirus before the World Health Organization (WHO) changed it to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). This virus is not just circulating around the provinces of China but had also gone across the different parts of the world. This disease is known to be highly contagious and deadly, making the confirmed cases steadily increasing as days passed. Because of this, the government asks all the business owners and other employers to allow their employees to work at home. This would help in preventing the wider spread of the virus and will also help their employees free from getting the infection.


It is a type of any ribonucleic acid (RNA) virus that can infect both humans and other animals, which affects the respiratory system leading to an upper respiratory infection. It has been named coronavirus because of its surface that is similar to a crown spike. There are already seven (7) strains of coronavirus that have been identified; the 229E (alpha coronavirus); NL63 (alpha coronavirus); OC43 (beta coronavirus); HKU1 (beta coronavirus); MERS-CoV; SARS-CoV; SARS-CoV-2 – or which is now called the COVID-19). The first four (4) mentioned are recognized as human pathogens and considered to be accountable for incidents of common colds in humans. While the remaining are the strains that can cause severe results to humans.


It is already known that this type of strain can be highly contagious. The most vulnerable ones are the elderly, pregnant women, and other people with low immune systems. We might think that it is okay for us to go out because we are healthy and we might not be affected by the symptoms; however, even though we might not get affected by it, the people we are living with are the ones who will be highly targeted. In other words, employees and other workers who need to travel from their homes to their offices and workplaces might get the disease during their travel without realizing, and since the virus can stay in surfaces for longer period of hours, you can bring it at home to your family members; thus spreading the infection. That is why the government has been warning people to refrain from going out of their house without an apparent reason. Furthermore, this will also help the front-liners to contain the sickness easily and block the disease from spreading even more. You might understand how serious the problem is; but you might be reluctant as well because you do not know how to continue your work in this pandemic crisis, you might consider switching to VoIP.

The Definition of VoIP

Short for VoIP, it is a technology that allows the user to make use of the Internet to send and receive calls or messages using different devices such as telephone, mobile phone, computers, VoIP phones, among others. In other words, it is possible to have digital communication using your own device available with the use of the Internet. VoIP offers numerous features that can help you to work at home during this outbreak.

  1.     VoIP offers portability which allows you to transfer it from one device to another. Therefore, it is not a problem if you do not have a device that is different from the one that you have at the office. Any device would work as long as there is a stable connection to the Internet. Its function does not limit to the in-office use only but goes beyond to assortment of applications and programs that support you to make and receive calls using VoIP without the need of any special hardware or devices.
  2.     If calls are necessary for your work, most of the VoIP call quality is exemplary with no buffer and choppiness towards the voice; and this has something to do with the available Internet connection and the setup of the system. With this, the VoIP service provider you have will recommend you with the essential requirements to make use of the first-rate internet phone call quality in your work.
  3.     VoIP is definitely user friendly and does not need high knowledge in technology when it comes to learning it. VoIP, just like any other system can have some flaws; however, technical issues can be easily repaired. Furthermore, your VoIP service providers can guide you with your technical concerns.
  4.     VoIP provides a virtual setting that allows you to keep in touch with your co-workers and act as a team in real-time. This will help the remote setting during this outbreak for more productive output among the members of the company. VoIP allows you to conduct meetings without the need to leave the comfort of your own home through video conference calls.
  5.     VoIP allows you to feel secure in your own home amid this outbreak. You do not need to go out and work because, simple as to say, having VoIP can give you the convenience for your work-related issues that you might encounter while working at home. Moreover, you can work remotely with VoIP and still be productive, producing high-quality outputs without missing the deadline.

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