SMS has been the first line of communication for many businesses since its inception in 1992. However, technology has taken a great leap and we have multiple methods of communication now. In this digital era, our phones are always connected to the internet, either by a Wi-Fi network or cellular data, which makes services like E-mail and WhatsApp more enticing option for communication.

When it comes to workplace communication, we have a business phone and E-mail for communications. Therefore, this raises an important question: Whether business SMS still a viable communication method? Well, that is quite debatable. Effective communication is imperative for the development of any business. It facilitates smooth operations and ensures all activities are carried out efficiently.

There are several benefits of SMS that make it a compelling option for many businesses

No requirement of a specific application

SMS does not require any proprietary software to work and comes pre-installed on every mobile. Most business persons prefer texting over other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, to name a few.

No requirement of the internet

Unlike messaging applications, SMS does not require an internet connection. Anyone with an active network can receive an SMS despite having no credit or internet connectivity.

Great channel for short communication

It is a great channel for informal communication. For instance, if you are going out for a lunch and want to ask a colleague to join, SMS can be a much better option than using an E-mail.

While using an SMS service may seem a convenient option for daily communication, it has some limitations which makes it less suitable for the primary method of communication. For instance, some people have a tendency to ignore text messages. This happens mainly because most people use smartphones and SMS can easily get lost between the notifications. So, there is always a risk that your SMS may go unread, so it is unsuitable for communicating about urgent tasks. Business phone is a better option when you are required to communicate about the urgent task. Moreover, an SMS is limited to 160 characters so if you want to discuss something in detail, you may have to send multiple text messages, which can come across as unprofessional and decrease the readability of the text.

To conclude, we cannot rule out SMS in business communication. It is a great channel for informal communication. However, when it comes to professional business communication, a business phone is a better channel of communication. A business VoIP can provide enhanced security and better reliability than conventional telephone and SMS. A business VoIP comes with advanced functionalities such as conferences, call recording, customized greetings, which are highly important in modern business culture.

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