In this digital era, there are multiple channels available for the businesses, for both, internal and external communication. However, the business phone remains one of the primary methods of communication due to its inherent qualities such as reliability and timeliness. Office phone systems with bad sound quality or connectivity issues can be detrimental for your business, resulting in decreased productivity and poor customer service. Having said that, SMS and E-mail still makes a significant part of daily communication.

Therefore, you must consider getting a business VoIP system in order to streamline all your communication channels and ensure that they work efficiently and effectively.

Here are the 3 key questions that you must ask your potential VoIP providers in order to make sure that you get high-quality VoIP service for your business.

Do they offer Hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP is an ideal choice for small business phone systems as they require significantly less amount of capital expenditure and up-front payment. It also eliminates the requirement of extensive resources such as floor space, equipment, or support staff.
VoIP providers providing hosted VoIP are responsible for the maintenance and timely updates of the software, which they generally do by using cloud-based technology. Moreover, Hosted VoIP allows your business to focus on its core operations and benefit from the expertise of the VoIP service provider, resulting in better quality service.

Do they offer an Uptime Guarantee?

In the dynamic business environment, businesses must ensure that their communication channels are always available, especially to external parties. Therefore, the uptime of office phone systems is a crucial element to gauge the effectiveness of VoIP providers. In simple terms, uptime determines the duration of availability of the service, expressed in a percentage.
Therefore, you must ask VoIP service provider whether they guarantee of uptime and evaluate their uptime record for a prior year or last six months. If their uptime record statistics do not match their guaranteed uptime percentage, you may be better off searching for another business VoIP service provider.

How much bandwidth do they Require?

Bandwidth plays an integral role in maintaining high-quality VoIP service. The lack of bandwidth can result in poor call quality, consequently leading to poor user satisfaction and ineffective communication. Thus, you must ensure that your business VoIP provider Lets you know what would be sufficient bandwidth to sustain your communication requirements.

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