There are numerous small businesses thriving today that likely wouldn’t have endured in another era. Thanks to the interconnectedness that smartphones and other devices have created in the business world, however, these small businesses are finding they can achieve levels of success that seemed far out of reach in years past. Connecting phones with other devices, like on-site and off-site technologies, is referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), and it has transformed modern business processes. Here’s a close look at how mobility is changing businesses for the better.

How Are Smartphones Improving Business Performance?

Smartphones have unquestionably influenced the way employees can communicate with employers, coworkers, clients, and business partners. Mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, make it possible to work remotely by accessing the same services employees have in their offices, which enables them to work efficiently and productively away from their desks. Whether they are at home, traveling, or working from another location, remote access permits employees to transport their offices in a virtual manner. This increases businesses’ abilities to meet goals, thus improving workplace productivity.

For example, an employee who has access to a smartphone can easily and quickly join a conference meeting when they are away from the office. And the ability to access databases, share charts, and visual content allows the employee to participate as if they were physically present.

It’s All About the Applications

In its simplest form, a smartphone is no different from a standard feature phone or cell phone. Thanks to the enriched capabilities of a smartphone, though, this is what differentiates it from a regular cell phone that simply has the ability to send texts and make calls. Smartphones come with the ability to download applications, and it’s these very applications that are revolutionizing the way we conduct business.

With the right applications, smartphones can be used to help colleagues collaborate from anywhere in the world, thus making it simple to schedule meetings and pool resources from one another even when working from different locations. An excellent example of an application and software that can be used to collaborate remotely is VoIP, which can be integrated into smartphones and through landlines, allowing businesses to combine their on-site and off-site communication networks.

Better Access to Information Leads to Better Performance

Businesses that rely on sales are finding quick access to customer records and real-time information improves the business-customer relationship. Employees are able to access up-to-date customer data, which enhances the ability to provide accurate and relevant services to clients. The ability to access such information is available thanks to the various applications that can be downloaded to mobile devices.

It’s also thanks to greater mobility through smartphones and mobile technology that employees can process new orders and respond to consumers much more swiftly than they used to. The same can be said about an employee’s ability to respond to suppliers in a timely fashion (never miss a call!!). Better customer relationships and improved efficiency with vendors and suppliers have unsurprisingly led to better business performance.

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