What is Web Conferencing?

Web conferencing allows a user to conduct real-time communication with multiple users who are connected to the internet. All the users are able to see the same screen by using their web-browsers. Some web conferencing systems are also equipped with advanced features such as texting, full-motion video, and business VoIP.

Let’s check out some of the pros and cons of video conferencing.

Pros of Web Conferencing


Business meetings before web conferencing required people from different geographical locations to gather in one place, which required heavy expenditure and resources for traveling and accommodation. Web conferencing using business VoIP eliminates the requirement of such expenses as users can simply log in with their account and conduct the meeting.

Increases Productivity

In today’s dynamic business environment, it is extremely time-consuming for planning a business meeting and accommodate everyone’s schedule. A web conference, however, does not require much hassle and people can attend the meeting from any location, which improves productivity in the office as their planning, arrangement, and traveling time is drastically reduced.


Web conferencing using business VoIP also comes with many software that is useful during presentations like MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which are shared with every person who is connected. This removes the requirement of printing physical copies for each member, which is more cost-efficient as well as environmentally friendly.

Greater Customer Service Experience

Promptness is one of the most important metrics to gauge customer service. Using a web conference can help in troubleshooting customer issues within minutes using a real-time channel of communication. This will consequently increase the level of customer satisfaction hence improving the reputation of your business.


Web conferences also facilitate meetings among people working in different time zones. Moreover, the advanced options like a translation of different languages, allowing people from different nationality and geographical locations to collectively collaborate without any language or physical barriers.

Cons of Web Conferencing

Security Breach

The advancement in technologies has helped hackers with sophisticated hacking tools, which poses a threat of breach of security. This may allow them access to the confidential information of the company if adequate security measures are not taken by the company. Therefore, it is always advisable that your Business VoIP system should be from a reliable and secure VoIP provider.


A conference call allows the users to share various files in a real-time system. While it may be a great option for increasing productivity, it also increases the risk of files getting in the wrong hands if a user is not careful. This may also provide access to files to the public, which may be sold for money and the company would be at loss.

The Final Words

To conclude, the benefits of web conferencing certainly outweigh its cons (which may not even exist if adequate security measures and controls are in place). Therefore, it is safe to say that web conferencing is one of the most effective methods of conducting meetings and collaborate.

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