Salesforce Integration

Strengthening business relationships

VoIP technology is more than just calls. It creates opportunities for businesses to be innovative, flexible at work and discover an advanced business process to reinforce growth through integration. In the customer service industry, customer service is everything.

CRM and VoIP play well with each other. Monster VoIP lets you get the most out of VoIP. With your CRM platform and our modern phone service, your company is invincible. Integrating Salesforce can unlock your business capabilities. It is more than just a business-oriented approach and definitely not an ordinary cloud-based CRM platform. Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that basically defines and shapes what the customer service industry is all about – strengthening business relationships.

Salesforce Integration Strengthens Business Relationships

Get a 360º view of the customers through Monster VoIP's Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is an integrated platform that enables companies to provide a custom service through analyzing customer data from all departments – marketing, sales or commerce. Salesforce integration tools help synchronize and integrate business systems. It’s one of the most powerful CRM platforms today.

Salesforce is headquartered in San Francisco, CA 94105, United States. It has essential tools that are written in various languages such as PHP, .NET, and Java. Salesforce products are completely managed in the cloud. Cloud technology has revolutionized the tech industry for its flexibility, mobility and being cost-effective.

Businesses thrive because they continue to explore more options. With Salesforce, you can connect anything. Integrating Salesforce with WordPress can do so much more in managing your websites. WordPress is a content management platform that allows companies to install multiple plugins for different needs and take advantage of their publishing features. The benefits of this integration cannot be overlooked. Other popular integration apps include Workday, Genpointe, Drupal, InsideView, NetSuite and more.

Monster VoIP for Salesforce is all about exploring more options to enhance customer interaction. Salesforce works better with us. Our advanced call handling features are built to fill in the gaps and empower your sales and support teams.

Integrating Salesforce For Centralized Workflow Management

Empower Salesforce platform for quality call experience and synchronized business systems

Automate your work-related tasks with VoIP integration to better handle customer calls. Monster VoIP’s all in one call center technology solution helps agents manage calls and in general, ensure smooth call center operations. Instead of spending too much time monitoring the activities of your employees in and out of the office, you would rather spend time and invest in tools and resources that can improve your services. With our features, you can make CRM platforms like Salesforce work even better.

Better Workforce Management

Call reports for sales and improved Salesforce marketing strategies

Customer service companies, no matter what size, perfectly understand the power of tracking calls. With our call log feature, you can review the data and specific details about the customers’ calls – their phone numbers, length of the calls, and determine which lines get the most volume of calls. With our Call Reporting feature, your team can develop strategies to drive sales, identify and strengthen weaknesses and find ways to effectively manage your agents.

Our Call Recording feature for Salesforce improves workforce management and productivity. It’s easier for managers and supervisors to monitor the agents and how they perform at work by simply reviewing their recorded calls.

Easily Connects with Clients

Calls clients with just a click

VoIP is always after productivity. At Monster VoIP, we ensure that every feature plays well with the Salesforce platform and other CRM tools. Our Click2Call feature for Salesforce makes it convenient for prospects to contact customer representatives by simply clicking the phone number embedded on your company page especially when they are using their mobile devices. In a competitive business environment, make trust your competitive advantage. For potential customers, credibility is everything. Having your phone number on the page helps you earn their trust. Callers will soon become highly engaged customers who will buy products and pay for services. Click to call technology generates leads and increases conversions. The fact that your client can automatically contact you is enough to let them know that you value their time, thus, improving customer experience.

Having a feature that lets you call prospects with a single click is an advantage that should not be taken for granted. Any agent would be glad to make outbound calls and find leads or clients without having to remember the digits each time he or she wants to make calls.

Improves Business Operations

Allows agents to multitask

Every company aims for productivity within the workplace. That is why in this digital world, we are constantly looking for strategic business solutions and revolutionize the way we think about work. Sales teams choose to rely on tools to help them work smart. You can multitask and still be productive by integrating Salesforce with Monster VoIP. We allow agents to handle customer concerns while taking notes and checking call data and history without having the need to switch screens.

Converts Calls into Sales

Personalized customer experience

Getting volumes of calls is good news. However, getting calls is not the ultimate goal. Monster VoIP has features designed to convert such calls into sales. Monster VoIP for Salesforce is all for customized services. We can provide a customized call experience by allowing you to personalize your voicemail menu options and greetings.

Improves Agent Efficiency

Less data entry with synchronized data information

Handling calls is not only limited to providing solutions to customer concerns but our VoIP integration system is also business-oriented. Agent efficiency can be achieved by using simple tools that can help your agents focus on calls rather than getting customer information from one app to another. What’s great about combining a CRM platform and business VoIP is that it simplifies different sets of work tasks without having the need to switch applications.

The digital world has changed the way we market our products and promote our services. Some companies choose to invest in market researches and resources to gain valuable insights and acquire customer data to come up with specific customer engagement strategies to make their services better.

With our smart data integration system, all the important customer information can be automatically synchronized and displayed while you are on the line with the customer. Understanding how to leverage relevant caller information can change the way you run your company.

Monster VoIP Integration Services

Simplify customer experience through our VoIP-based telecommunication solution

Monster VoIP recognizes the fact that integration is essential. Integrating Salesforce into your VoIP system can enhance customer interactions and build better relationships with them. Salesforce enables businesses to get a unified view of their customers. Any company that offers products or services knows that data gathering is necessary. We’ll help you keep track of your sales activities and monitor the performance of your agents at work. With our data integration services, we guarantee to give you the best version of the Salesforce platform. We offer services to standard, professional and enterprise customers.

Choose a collaborative CRM experience with Monster VoIP. Integrate your Salesforce with our phone system.

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