A surprising fact regarding Short Message Service (SMS) marketing is that more than 90% of all the text messages sent to customers are opened and read within three mins or less, many companies are using an SMS marketing strategy to promote their business. For some, the strategy is a success because such businesses have a comprehensive business phone and SMS communication system with dedicated teams for SMS marketing. Before jumping right into an SMS marketing campaign, it’s essential for business owners to understand how to formulate an effective text marketing strategy that will prove to be a success in the target market. Follow our tips for a successful text marketing strategy to promote your business.

Avoid Devaluing Your Client List

When formulating an SMS marketing strategy an essential aspect to focus on providing high value offers to your potential customers. A good strategy will be to choose your target audience and find out what they want through market research. Choose the SMS content that addresses the customer requirements and gives them a valuable offer; avoid using unqualified offers because they can devalue your services in the eyes of your target audience.

Offer Redemption Instructions in Easy Steps

SMS has a character limit for a reason, and businesses can use the character limit to their advantage by giving the target market simple and easy to follow instructions on redeeming a special offer. Several VoIP providers will offer an SMS plan that suits your marketing needs. Write SMS content that is to the point. Start with the offer, followed by simple instruction on how to redeem the offer, and finish it with a suitable call to action. Avoid including unnecessary fluff because it will distract the subscribers and lead to low redemptions rates.

Carefully Choose the Right Time of Day

If you want to step into the SMS marketing game then contact a business VoIP operator who devises SMS marketing campaigns. The most essential part of your strategy should be to send the SMS to your subscribers at the right time of the day. The worst time to send an SMS is after 10:00 p.m. or excessively early in the morning. The best time to launch your SMS campaign is between 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Daylight timings give people more time to read and act on what you offered them. Add a semi-urgent call to action but allow them to have a sufficient time to redeem the offer. Offering more time would mean you are giving your subscribers enough time to redeem your offer without interrupting their daily routine.

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