The technology of Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, has completely changed the dynamics of business communication. Its popularity is growing day by day, however, some businesses are reluctant to implement the technology due to the misconception that VoIP does not provide good audio quality and can be costly.

Conversely, the case is quite the opposite as a business VoIP system can significantly lower the cost of communications and increase productivity due to its unified communication channels and advanced features. In the digitalized work environment, it is absolutely essential for a business to switch to a VoIP phone system.

Here are some of the key points which may help you to decide whether your businesses should switch to VoIP or not:


A switch to VoIP communication uses internet packets, which are the most cost-friendly than conventional phone calls, which can be extremely expensive, especially for long-distance calls. Leveraging the internet can significantly reduce the phone bill of your company. Moreover, most VoIP providers allow your business to leverage their network to transmit the calls, which can result in additional cost-savings.

Better Audio Quality

VoIP has evolved in the past few years. Unlike old VoIP products that were very limiting and low-quality, the audio quality is greatly improved and even surpassed conventional office phone systems. Therefore, most companies are favoring VoIP services for their business phone.


VoIP phone connection is highly scalable. For instance, if you hire 10 new employees, you may have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a new connection if you are using an old phone system. However, with VoIP business phone, you may not have to pay a dime. All you need to do is assign an IP to the phone and you are ready to go!

Similarly, if your company is down-sized you do not need to pay for additional lines which are not being used hence saving the unnecessary costs for your business.


VoIP system provides greater flexibility to the users, which is vital for the modern business environment. It literally allows you to communicate without boundaries. For instance, whether a user is traveling or sitting at a coffee shop, they can communicate without any hassle as they only require a device with an active network.

This allows them to communicate with other employees and potential customers without sharing their personal contacts. This is particularly useful when there is an urgent call that needs to be addressed and the employee is not present in the office.

Increased Productivity

Business VoIP phone system also results in increased productivity due to its unified connectivity and advanced features. For instance, it can be configured to work on multiple devices before going to voice-mail, which can eliminate phone tag. Moreover, it can streamline the entire communication channel, so the user has an access to communications through multiple channels in one place, which will allow them to work more efficiently.

These are only some of the few benefits of business VoIP, it also comes with a bundle of advanced features like video conferencing, E-mail, fax, call recordings, etc., which can be highly beneficial for your business.

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