Understanding SIP Trunking

The concept of SIP Trunking is still not clear to many. Let’s start with obtaining an understanding of SIP Trunking is.

SIP is the initials for Session Initiation Protocol which is a way to transmit media services and telephonic voice over the internet. In order to understand what SIP Trunking is, you must first be familiar with the concept of business VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). VoIP enables businesses to have an office phone system supported through the internet. Business VoIP technology turns analog phone signals into digital signals that can be transmitted through the internet. There are organizations that are using VoIP system through their Public Branch Exchange (PBX) which looks after call traffic. Here, SIP Trunking acts as an extension and carries calls through the internet.  If your business already has a Private Branch Exchange or a VoIP system that supports SIP trunking, then you do not have to invest in additional hardware because this SIP technology will act as a mean of call transferring.  

The difference between traditional calling and SIP Trunking

Previously calls were made over the landline business phone systems and the signals traveled through the copper lines that were called telephone lines which is part of the Public Switched Telephone Network. A physical connection was required between the telephone and the phone switch to make a call.

However, SIP Trunks does not operate on physical lines as it is a virtual connection that allows you to make a call through the internet on any number. If you have SIP Trunking then you can still make a call even if the receiver is using a PSTN or business VoIP system. SIP Trunking operates on a packet switch network that is used to convert the signals into digital so that it can be routed to the receiver.

SIP Trunks add value to your business

Businesses need to move forward at the same pace as technology to remain competitive in a dynamic business environment. SIP would not only provide the advantage of the cloud system but also maintain a hold over the on-premises office phone systems. Here is how SIP Trunking is adding value to your business:

  1. Improves business continuity
  2. The system is scalable as per the need of the business
  3. You can easily pair it with the unified communication solutions
  4. Easy to maintain and manage
  5. Cuts down extra cost required for physical setup of landline office phone system

Add value to your business and optimize your communication strategies by using efficient systems. In order to get benefit from business VoIP systems and SIP trunking, contact Monster VoIP. We will ensure a smooth communication system that is designed to carry out business efficiently.