Most of the time the only interaction that takes place between a business and a customer is through a phone call and the impression build during the call goes a long way. Organizations need to ensure that a conversation with a customer is as effective as possible. With the introduction of business VoIP office phone system, productivity has increased due to the different helpful features in eth system. Whenever a customer calls in for either inquiry or any other reason, he is given a few options to choose from according to the reason they called in. This service is a virtual assistant software that answers calls and directs it to the concerned department. This advanced feature in small business phone systems can enhance the productivity of the agents working on managing customer services by connecting the right customer to the right agent. If you want to optimize the advantage of an auto attendant for your business then here are some of the best practices that will help you plan your strategy:

Keep The Voice Sound Real

Customers usually call in to complain about services, they already feel agitated and if they hear a virtual assistant responding to them; this adds on to their level of frustration. A warm human voice can actually help moderate the situation. This is why using a real human voiceover for the auto attendant in the office phone system is a good idea. Contact business VoIP providers to get professional audio recordings.

Call Sequence & Services List

Your aim should be to save your customers time and in order to achieve this, you should sequence the options in the menu in a way that the most requested services are listed at the top. This way, customers would not have to listen to the entire recording, and would just select the required service straightaway.

Keep Your Menu Options Short

A long recording on small business phone systems would add on to the frustration of the agitated customer. Don’t make the customer listen to the never-ending list of options so they can find their desired service. You can always have subdivisions in a menu, to divide the options further in a way that you can present more options without them appearing tedious; however, it is better if this list is still short.

Provide an Option Where They Can Talk To a Representative

Attu attendant on the business VoIP helps in saving the time of the representative by diverting calls to the designated agent. You can’t keep everything on the list; so you have to let the representative solve the situation. For easy access allocate the key ‘0’ to the option of connecting to the representative. Most of the call centers use this key for direct connection so if you go a different way the results might surprise you.

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