Communication is the backbone of businesses and the more efficient the business communication is, the more prolific it will prove to be for the growth of the business. Communication is all about building a positive relationship with clients, other businesses, marketing divisions, and within the company itself to ensure smooth operational flow and constructive marketing.

Business communication must not be confused with technical communication as the basic purpose of the former is to improve organizational practices, mitigating the chances of errors, and improving instructional clarity, both externally and internally. The external communication in business revolves around customers, distributors, business to business communication as well as in public relations. Whereas internal communication is all about communication between the staff and management within the organization. But how you maintain a solid, reliable and stable communication is what we will be discussing today along and the three methods of business communication.

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication just as the name self-translates is about communicating or transferring information from one person to other(s) verbally. This is the oldest and most commonly used form of communication due to its directness and simplicity. In oral communication, there are fewer chances of misunderstanding as this form of communication requires you to be physically present. Thus, giving you the chance to study and understand the person in contact’s expressions as well as body language as you exchange information. Office phone systems should not be confused with verbal communication because although they do provide oral information exchange the presence of the parties giving and receiving information is missing.

Written Communication

Any type of information transferred in writing is called written communication, which is a more official form of information. Circulators, Formal Letters, Alerts, and even policies, contracts or any legal notices, all come under the umbrella of written communication. Written communication is highly recommended when important information with no room for ambiguity or errors is to be communicated between the parties.

Electronic Communication

With the development of technology, Electronic Communication, has grown and evolved the fastest over the period of time. Electronic Communication involves, emailing, business phone calls, online communication like the social media connections made by blogs, websites, and texts, among other online resources. Companies nowadays are more actively taking part in enhancing their electronic communications as this is the fastest way to deliver accurate information, regardless of the time and location difference. Thus, to be able to make the best use of this efficient form of communication, business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) must be considered as they provide a complete package of communication i.e. voice calls, data transfer, video conferencing including instant messaging and other business applications and tools, making them a multi-purpose solution for the businesses. Thus, the growing popularity of business VoIP over office phone systems makes them a must-have option as it can play an essential role in the success of a business.

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