Why Having A Business Phone Is Good For You & Your Business

In the digital age, business phones are sorely underrated. Modern wonders of phone technology aside, a simple phone call has understated value in conducting business. Email and other electronic forms of communication have their place, but if you shun the traditional phone call, you miss on clear and valuable opportunities. Here are a few highlights:


There will be certain aspects of business communication that you want in writing. In those moments, email and other text-based methods shine. What a lot of people miss is that those written words are only valuable after the back and forth of a dialogue. You can spend week trading emails, or you can conclude that dialogue in a single phone call. Real-time, back-and-forth communication allows two parties to make rapid adjustments to a plan or strategy. Across the distance, this is the most efficient way to collaborate on achieving a goal.

This is enhanced by the fact that vocal communication carries more information in a short time than written forms. As Dr. Albert Mehrabian famously concluded in the 60s, tone conveys more meaning than the actual choice of words in a conversation. In fact, the tone is responsible for 38 percent of communication, while words only convey 7 percent of meaning.


Sometimes, you need to involve multiple people in a single conversation. Teleconferencing has a stigma attached to it. But if you really think about it, it is superior to the alternative. Everyone has been tagged in a large email chain or group text. It is far more annoying than it is enlightening. With modern teleconferencing, getting everyone connected is easy. Even if combining heads over a distance can still involve frustration, the efficiency of a teleconference minimizes these problems and mitigates the amount of time lost to poor group communication. Simply put, it’s the superior method for getting a group of people on the same page quickly.


While there are business deals that need to be in writing, there are also interactions that are better left off of the permanent record. In many cases, they are personal in nature. Offering condolences or an apology can be vital to maintaining a business relationship, but personal nature can create discomfort. The personal touch of a phone call is preferred because your tone can convey sincerity; the personal information that might be included in that call also might be sensitive in nature. An unrecorded phone call can’t be hacked or exposed. It creates a zone of trust that is invaluable. Most importantly, there’s no risk of accidentally hitting the infamous “reply all” button.

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