The Pros And Cons Of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing gained its popularity in recent years. Due to its pros outweighing the cons, many small businesses switched from conventional business phone to VoIP providers for a unified communication system. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of video conferencing to learn why it is wiser to use video conferencing as a communication tool.

Pros And Cons

Time and Cost-Efficient

In the previous days when video conferencing was not a well-known concept, conducting business meetings concerning people from different geographical places was no less than a herculean task. The meeting required months of planning and preparation, along with expenditures for transport and hotel services if the company was flying in some members to attend the conference.

With the ease and convenience of video conferencing, all everyone needs to do now sign in from their designated accounts, and attend the conference. No longer do companies need to worry about the hassle of booking hotels and airline tickets.

Better customer services

If you wish to provide your customers with excellent customer service, you must be able to promptly respond to complaints lodged by clients. However, it is not always possible to provide immediate responses, especially during rush hours.

Again, video conferencing comes to the rescue as it allows businesses to use their office phone systems to reach the customers straightaway.  The customer service personnel is able to solve the complaints without having to make the client wait and wonder if someone will actually respond. 


In this technological world, it is no big a deal for hackers to hack the systems and get access to company data. Even with tight security, hackers have no problem finding loopholes to gain access to your data. There’s always a possibility that hackers can gain access to the system during private meetings and leak company data that is paramount to the company.

One caution the members of the meeting can take is not to discuss or share files over the office phone systems that are of immense importance to the company. The company must ensure that their systems are fully encrypted to ensure no one can eavesdrop during the video conferencing.

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