What is SIP Trunking?

Most people are not familiar with the term SIP Trunking, some consider it as an interchangeable term for Business VoIP. However it isn’t the same; VoIP covers a broader aspect, whereas SIP Trunking is a part of how a VoIP phone system works. VoIP works through the internet and does not require traditional telephone lines. For instance, if the VoIP user wants to make a call on the traditional telephone line rather than the internet; then what would happen? In such cases, the only possible solution is that they should have  SIP trunking services. This service can be easily provided by your VoIP providers with no such difficulty. In a nutshell, SIP trunking service enables VoIP system to be compatible with landline phone networks. SIP operates on internet protocol suite whereas the traditional Office Phone Systems is based on a communication interface.

Save your money with SIP trunking

Having a traditional phone system along with a separate internet system would cost you a lot. Whereas the SIP trunking saves you the cost of getting telephone systems. Moreover, it eliminates the cost of getting a spare data connection. One account of SIP would serve the entire organization’s needs.

No call charges for internal VoIP system calls

SIP trunking enables business VoIP providers to transmit calls between offices through the internet and the organization doesn’t have to pay-per-minute rates for it than they would otherwise have to if they would have been calling through landlines. This cuts down the cost that would have been incurred due to landline Office Phone Systems.

SIP trunking has a flexible capacity

Previously trunk lines had fixed the capacity of channels, for instance, if you were allocated the fixed capacity of 23 channels that are used to make calls at the same time, but your business required more call handling, then you would have to order a whole new trunk of 23 channels. Whereas VoIP providers can increase or decrease the number of channels at the same time, with SIP trunking you don’t have to pay for the whole new batch but only for the used channels.

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