One of the biggest advantages offered by a cloud phone system is the array of real-time call data they provide. Offered in easy-to-use dashboards, downloadable files, and web portals, you can locate everything from call detail records from individual users to historical reports and call queue stats.

Even though you have this information at your fingertips, do you know how you can use it for improving your business operations?

Here, you will find several calling metrics you may encounter, along with a description of what they mean and an explanation of how you can use the gathered information to benefit your business.

Important Call Tracking Metrics and How They are Used

The majority of cloud phone service providers offer client call queue dashboards and provide managers and supervisors with a real-time view of the queues of each agent. The information available from the call queue dashboard is found here. Even if you don’t use the call queues at your business, you can still benefit from the call tracking metrics provided.

The most common call tracking metrics you will find beneficial, are listed here.

Average Call Duration (Per Agent)

The Average Call Duration of an individual agent provides you the average amount of time an agent has been on the phone with callers. While there are several factors that can influence this metric, it’s important this number remains as low as possible. Even though it’s important to address a caller needs, it should be done efficiently.

Most Abandoned Time of Day

This is the metric that identifies the time of day when the majority of callers waiting in a call queue have hung up before their call was answered.

The metric lets you know the time period during the day when it may be wise to add more agents to the phone lines. For example, if you see the majority of calls are abandoned between the hours of 1 PM and 2 PM, then you can have more staff members to take the inbound calls at this time. This ensures you’re supporting your caller’s needs and reduces the possibility that you lose business.

The Busiest Time of Day

This metric identifies the time of the day with the highest volume of calls. While you can add additional agents during this time, and that would make sense, there are other options, too.

For example, you could set up a live chat on your website, reducing the number of calls and provide visitors with an alternative method to contact your business.

Average Abandoned Wait Time

With this metric, you have insight regarding how long, on average, a caller that has abandoned their calls have waited before hanging up. During the wait time, it’s imperative that callers don’t hear dead air.

For years, music on hold has been the main method used to keep waiting callers engaged; however, there are other options, too. You can inform callers of your latest news by creating a customized on-hold announcement. According to one survey, 88 percent of callers prefer this to other options, and 16 percent made purchases based on the on-hold offer they heard.

Easily Enhance Your Business by Using a Cloud Phone System

Modern cloud phone services record each way your business uses the phone system and provides access to invaluable tracking metrics. It’s up to you to use this information to your business’s advantage.

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