Technological advancement has not only benefited the manufacturing industry but has also helped the service industry to excel. Call centers have taken advantage of the business VoIP system to enhance their productivity. Call centers are leveraging the latest technology of cloud computing to maximize their quality. VoIP providers are helping call centers switch to business phone systems. We all are looking forward to knowing how the landscape of call centers will shift as a result of this. Here are some of the upcoming trends that call centers to need to look out for:

Advanced Interactive Voice Response will take over

Interactive Voice Response has been used in the call center industry for years now. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, it has significantly affected the performance of the IVR system. The advanced and improved IVR system enables direct callers to get in touch with the concerned agents in the call center for a quick response. Speech recognition will bring an all-new experience to the customers; it will allow the IVR system to recognize the words of the caller. This would further prove helpful by funneling down callers to the designated departments reducing down the traffic for an individual agent. The business VoIP creates a unified system that makes connecting the call a lot easier.

The evolution of self-service tools

Businesses will be narrowing down the point of contact with the help of self-service tools. Common customer queries would be catered to through self-service tools that would minimize the burden on call center agents. Apart from this, customers will no longer have to wait on hold for long just to get an answer for a small query. With the help of VoIP providers, the facility of auto-attendants can easily be availed which is one of the most common self-service tools. Other than this, it allows provides the option of FAQs, which consists of answers to common questions that have already been asked by customers. These features would help in providing seamless assistance to customers at the time of need.

Use of analytics tool for continuous improvement

Even if the organization has an effective business VoIP phone system, it will be of no use if the agents are not working properly. In order to maximize the benefit of VoIP business phone, continuous training of call center agents is essential. The most appropriate way to gauge their performance is through analytical tools. Through these tools, the performance of the call center is evaluated based on the real statistics of the center. Also, through these, all the bottlenecks in the organization can easily be found and strategies can be devised and implemented to improve the performance.

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