Have you noticed that your organization’s business communication system is a mess? Are your employees using several disparate services to correspond with each other every day, with systems that are not only unreliable but also hard to operate? If so, don’t fret — there is some good news.

You can take steps to fix the fragmented business communications system in place by partnering them with a UC (unified communications) solution provider.

What Is UC?
Unified communications works by integrating several different communication services into a single, centralized platform. The approach combines three different types of services, including real-time, such as voice; near real-time, such as instant messaging; and non-real-time, such as email. UC platforms are also helpful for features such as directory services, video communication, data collection and distribution, mobile integration, and presence management.
One of the main reasons companies opt to consolidate their communication solutions is because the approach can help improve employee productivity. Here are seven ways it does this.

1. Reduce Travel
Your employees are most effective when they are working — not when they have to sit in traffic or wait at the airport to get to a conference or meeting.
While meetings are a necessary part of business, they can be streamlined with UC. In fact, some systems can offer access for up to 12 users in a video conference.

2. Improve Collaboration
What happens if one employee is working on a project and needs information from someone else in the office? In the past, they would have to stop what they were doing to try and track down the person and information they needed.
This complete stop in work can lead to serious productivity lags. With UC, you can implement features such as instant messaging or presence detection to help ensure problems are solved faster and much more efficiently.
3. Improve Telework
One of the main issues business administrators have with telework is that it forces workers away from their phone and email. As a result, they may miss important emails or phone calls.
With UC, all messaging is combined into a single platform, which can then be integrated into the worker’s mobile device. As a result, when an important message comes in, it is received right away.

4. Record and Access Calls
If you have an important call with a client and want to ensure you can access it down the road, then you would have to use some type of third-party recording solution. Unfortunately, this can be insecure and unreliable.
With UC solutions, the issue can be solved by allowing users to record phone calls and then store them in a centralized database. They can then be accessed at any time.

5. Guaranteed Uptime
If the phone or internet goes down, productivity falls significantly. With UC, this isn’t an issue, as these systems have an internet failover feature.

6. Better Customer and Partner Communication
With UC in place, real-time communications within and outside of an organization ensure the elimination of delays. This helps to speed up business processes.

7. Teamwork Across Locations
No longer to remote teams have to provide a productivity problem. With UC, you can ensure everyone is able to communicate efficiently, thanks to them using the same applications.

If you want to avoid wasted time by employees, then implementing a UC solution is the best option.

If you are ready to implement UC in your workplace to reap all the productivity benefits, then contact us at MonsterVoIP today.