Are you tired of having to deal with the high cost and low level of reliability your traditional business phone system is providing? If so, now is the time to think about embracing the power and convenience of VoIP phone systems.

These cloud-based phone systems cost less and will provide you with many different features. With these features, you can do everything from host a conference call to routing calls from customers to the right department with ease.

Considering that the VoIP industry grows nearly 15 percent every year tells you that businesses all across the world are embracing this technology in record numbers. Rather than using outdated traditional phone systems and having your business suffer as a result, investing in a VoIP system is a wise option.

Read below to find out about how to use cloud phone system features in a unique way.

Let Your Branding Shine Through With Hold Messages or Music

There will be times when you have to put customers on hold when they call in. Instead of playing these customers boring elevator music while they are on hold, you need to use this opportunity to inform them about your brand. Recording messages that tell customers who are on hold about what your company does is a good idea. You can also use these messages to inform customers about promotions and sales you are currently running.

If you want to avoid using a sales tone on these messages, you can always provide customers who are on hold with interesting facts or funny quotes. The benefit of using a cloud-based phone system is the freedom it provides you to completely customize the user experience.

Get a Memorable Toll-Free Number

For businesses trying to expand their reach into new markets, getting a toll-free phone number is imperative. By not limiting your services to a certain area code, you can attract new business from around the world. In the past, toll-free numbers were too expensive for small business owners to afford.

With a VoIP system, business owners can get the toll-free number they want without having to pay an astronomical amount of money for it. When looking for a way to instantly boost your company’s credibility, investing in a toll-free number is a fantastic idea.

Take Advantage of the Click to Call Feature

If you are looking for a way to make it easy for website visitors to contact your company, adding a click to call button is a good idea. These buttons can be added to your website, online advertisements or even your email signature.

The easier you make it for prospective customers to reach out to your business, the more quality sales lead you will be able to produce.

Completely Customize the Auto-Attendant Feature

One of the best features offered by VoIP systems is the auto attendant, more commonly referred to as the virtual receptionist. These automated systems are often the first interaction a customer will have with your company when calling in.

Completely customizing this system will allow to both properly route calls and boost your brand simultaneously. Inserting company slogans and sales information into this automated system is a great way to connect with customers when they call in.

If you are in need of a state-of-the-art VoIP system, then contact Monster VoIP. Our team will work tirelessly to provide you with the easy to use phone system you want.

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