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Technology has revolutionized the way we do business. It cannot be argued that more companies now turn to cloud services. For a business to keep up with customer demands, it has to embrace technology and innovation.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that is responsible for managing its customer’s information technology services. MSP is crucial in monitoring servers, routers, and exchange servers from a centralized platform. Basically, MSPs serve as external providers of IT support for their clients. The MSP market continues to grow over the years. In a competitive business industry, companies can explore more options to meet every customer’s demands and IT requirements and build a strong presence in the market.

It is ideal for businesses to invest in MSPs to promote productivity and improve overall performance. Voice Over Internet Protocol can help manage phone calls made by clients and within the workplace. When integrated into your system, it can be a powerful tool that improves business processes, strengthens relationships and creates sales opportunities.

Monster VoIP is the best Voice Over Internet Protocol partner for MSP in the business phone industry. We have partner programs for customers who are willing to exert extra efforts to deliver quality services to their clients.

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Voice Over Internet Protocol is not only about communication. Our VoIP solutions are also about building engagement and strengthening a team’s collaboration process. Collaboration is necessary in order to achieve effective management. Monster VoIP provides advanced features that can improve communication and teamwork in the workplace.

Integrated Communications Solution

Our business VoIP solution encourages collaboration. Hosted PBX improves internal and external communications within departments. Monster VoIP’s phone systems allow businesses to reduce maintenance costs and communicate with clients in different forms. Good interaction is an opportunity for managed service providers to improve their customers’ satisfaction levels.

Simplified Business Call Management System

Monster VoIP can deliver business and customer-based solutions. As an IT service provider, you can automatically call customers back through our Click2Call feature when resolving technical-related issues. An MSP with great service level agreement (SLA) guarantees proper customer handling and services. That is why there is an MSP network monitoring software to resolve customer concerns right away.

Click2Call is a popular feature for customer acquisition. Our cloud-driven communications system’s main function is to allow any staff to automatically call prospects with just a single click, thus, letting them make more phone calls in a day.

Phone calls are essential regardless of the size or industry a company belongs to. Every MSP marketing team knows that having a great call feature is still crucial to increase the customer base. As MSPs, you are constantly dealing with customer concerns over the phone or through email. With us, you can take advantage of our Auto Attendant feature. It acts as a digital receptionist that can answer and route calls to the right staff.

With us, we can let you monitor and retrieve calls. The managers can easily review calls made by clients to make sure that the issues are resolved appropriately. Knowing how to handle calls and resolve issues is a great way to let them know that you value them and that you are always ready to help. Good results can be produced when team members are properly managed. The ability to monitor calls enables MSP teams to determine marketing solutions related to every customer’s call data information.

Seamless CRM Integration and Task Management

Our VoIP integrations solutions are reliable and can respond to the needs of your clients and your own company as well. The integration system can help automate the tasks and activities of your team. It can organize tasks and track a project’s progress. We have our Voicemail Transcription feature that can transcribe voicemails into text which can be accessed directly through email or other applications.

As a VoIP provider, we simplify tasks. We can seamlessly integrate our features into any mobile device through our mobile apps made available to Android and iPhone users. Any team member can have full access to messages, call logs and recorded calls through their mobile devices, laptops or PCs.

We believe that with customer relationship management (CRM) software integrated into your system, you can create better business relationships and strategies to handle customer interactions. As a service company, you are expected to be a problem solver and client satisfaction is your top priority.

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Best VoIP partner for MSP

Monster VoIP provides cloud based Voice Over Internet Protocol platforms for resellers and service providers. We support successful partner programs and honor great partnerships. We have reliable VoIP solutions for MSP that are built to improve company operations and call management systems. We can build a strong network of customers and grow together in the industry.

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