What is a VoIP Headset?

A simple device can make a huge difference in your workday. That’s what a quality VoIP headset offers. Comfort, reliability, flexibility, and connection. A VoIP headset integrates with VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol service. VoIP uses the internet to make and receive phone calls, removing the need for a traditional landline.

Why Choose VoIP?

VoIP works for both commercial and residential use. Yet, businesses see great benefits in using VoIP phone service. The technology allows callers to connect computer to computer or computer to landline or cell phone.

VoIP offers cost savings and improved connectivity. The newest features provide data analytics and reporting options to maximize productivity and effectiveness. Plus, Monster VoIP integrates with over 20 CRM systems.

Make the Most of VoIP

VoIP headsets work specifically with VoIP service to facilitate voice communication over the internet. Whether you work in a noisy office or from home, a VoIP headset provides privacy and improves concentration. You avoid interruption and distraction from background noises, like a barking dog or loud coworker.

What is a VoIP Headset?

A VoIP headset includes one or two earpieces for you to listen to the caller and a microphone to speak to the caller. The earpiece either covers the ear, like a traditional headset, or sits inside the ear as an earbud. The microphone comes as a boom or on a wire that clips near the mouth. Unlike other headsets, the design of a VoIP headset works to enhance VoIP service.

VoIP headsets include two primary types, corded and wireless. The corded headsets connect to a computer with a wire usually using a USB cord. Wireless headsets do not need a cord and typically connect to the computer through Bluetooth.

Key Features of VoIP Headsets

VoIP headsets come with different options and features to match your needs and budget. Yet, comfort, connectivity, and sound quality are essential features for any headset.

  •  Comfort – Lightweight headsets offer the most comfort for extended use.
  • Connectivity – Consistent connection matters to avoid dropped calls and dead air.
  • Sound Quality – Crisp and clear sound ensures reliable communication with improved understanding and less frustration.
  • Noise Cancelling – Depending on the environment, noise cancellation prevents distractions for improved concentration.
  • Battery Life – Rechargeable headsets need to last throughout the workday without worrying about the battery dying.
  • Quality and Durable – Lightweight doesn’t need to mean fragile. Quality materials offer durability to extend the longevity of the headset.
  • Range – For wireless headsets, extended range lets you roam from your workstation while continuing the call.
  • Cost – Select the best quality and features to match your budget.

Who Needs a VoIP Headset?

Anyone using VoIP calling benefits from the option to use a headset. Don’t rely only on the computer microphone. Invest in clear communication with a VoIP headset.

If you make calls throughout the day, a VoIP headset offers convenience. Telemarketers, customer service representatives, salespeople, recruitment professionals, and individuals working from home or in an open-concept office especially benefit.

Recommended VoIP Headsets

We all have different preferences. Shop a variety of VoIP headsets to find the best fit for you and your workspace. Consider comfort, budget, and quality first. Then, explore the added features that appeal most to you.

  • Jabra Engage 65 Convertible – Industry-leading technology designed to improve the customer experience without compromising on comfort or enhanced features.
  •  Jabra Evolve 40 MS Stereo – Entry-level professional headset designed for all-day comfort and outstanding sound quality.
  • Plantronics CS510 – Extend your reach with a range of up to 350 feet. This best-selling headset offers premium sound quality and comfort.
  • Plantronics Savi 8220 – Enterprise-grade DECT audio for advanced sound quality with an extended distance of up to 590 feet.

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