While you can conduct business online, you still need a phone number for customer service and client communication. With Voice Over IP (VoIP) services, you can pay only for internet access instead of requiring an internet connection plus a phone line for each of your customer service representatives. 

About 31% of businesses use VoIP as their phone service network. This method simplifies remote work and allows people to comfortably use headsets, computers, and mobile apps to make professional-quality phone calls throughout the world. This affordable option only needs software for connectivity, making it an ideal solution for many small to mid-sized businesses.

If you want to learn about hosted VoIP, check out this handy guide.

What Are Hosted VoIP Services?

VoIP services use the internet instead of telephone lines to make calls. VoIP is more reliable because there’s less interference than you’d experience with phone lines and cell towers. Instead of communicating through radio waves, you’re using digital signals sent over the broadband network.

A hosted VoIP service means you don’t need any equipment in your office. The service provider has everything they need to connect your calls, while you only need internet access. It’s the ideal solution for businesses with remote workers because you don’t need to install company phones in each location.

What’s the Advantage of a VoIP Phone System?

A VoIP phone system offers many benefits, including cost savings, flexibility, and scalability. You save money by using phone service through internet access. You pay less per call with fixed VoIP pricing regardless of local or long-distance calls.

VoIP is a flexible solution because your employees can make calls from their homes, the office, or any other location and still look and sound professional because of the VoIP network.

Because you don’t have a physical phone line in your office space, it’s easy to scale up your business as you grow and hire new employees, remote or on-location. There’s no need to install more hardware to set up phone extensions because you can digitally expand your VoIP service. To learn more about our hosted VoIP systems, check out Monster VoIPs pricing page

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Top 3 Uses for Hosted VoIP Solutions

Businesses with specific needs can benefit greatly from the advantages of VoIP. See how VoIP can streamline your workflow if your company uses international calling, needs a unified system, or provides customer support.

1. International Calling

As VoIP service uses the internet, there’s no higher cost for international calls as you might experience with a traditional phone provider. Your company’s network will hear calls from another country just as clearly as those to local numbers.

2. Unified Business Communications

You can get a VoIP phone system for communication, but you can also bundle services to meet all your business needs. Services include:

  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Email responses
  • Messaging options
  • Voicemail transcription

If your company needs to conference with people worldwide, using a single provider simplifies the process and cuts costs, making you seem more professional and productive.

3. Contact Center Solution

Businesses that provide customer support for people on a global scale will appreciate VoIP systems. You can use one central number for customer service and forward calls without additional expense. Many VoIP plans, like Monster VoIP, also include call recording, which can help you ensure quality support and train future customer service representatives.

Since VoIP can scale as your business grows, it’s great for call centers. You don’t have to install as much hardware as you would with a landline phone provider. This approach also allows employees to answer calls in any location, yet it will seem like they’re working in the same call center.

List of the Best Hosted VoIP Services

Before you commit to a hosted VoIP service, ensure you know the best providers on the market. These ten companies offer the ideal solution for various business types.

Best Overall: Monster VoIP

Monster VoIP is a scalable solution that’s ideal for small to mid-sized businesses. It integrates with all of the apps you’re currently using to run your business, offers 24/7 customer support, the most secure and reliable network, and the best pricing. 


  • Very scalable solution as your business grows 
  • Integrates with more than 50+ apps you’re already using in your business
  • Highly reliable network 
  • Top-notch security so your calls don’t get “zoombombed”
  • Offers both voice and video calling 
  • Offers real-time features like file sharing, chat, and more 


  • Not the best solution for very small businesses that don’t intend on having 5 or more lines
intermedia phones voip

Runner Up: Intermedia Unite

Intermedia Unite is a good runner up VoIP provider, no matter your business needs. It offers voice and video calls as well as chat features for customer service and team collaboration. Here are the main pros and cons of Intermedia Unite. 


  • Integrates with third-party services like Microsoft Teams and Chrome
  • Offers voice and video conferencing with chat and file sharing 


  • Must use the mobile app to import contacts
  • Higher cost than Monster VoIP
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Best for Enterprise-Class Call Volumes: RingCentral MVP

Small and growing businesses will appreciate how RingCentral helps you manage a high call volume. Below are the main pros and cons of RingCentral MVP: 


  • You can add multiple users to the plan without additional fees
  • Includes AI transcription
  • Call recording options 


  • Limited reports and call analysis
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Best for SMB Unified Messaging: 8×8 eXperience Communications

Midsize businesses can benefit from what 8×8 offers regarding software-based conferencing on a budget. We talked more about this phone system in our Google Voice alternatives post but some of it’s more notable qualities are that they offer a free trial and API integrations which may be useful for connecting to specific tools or your company’s CRM. 


  • Simple setup for computers and mobile devices
  • Additional features included in the base plan


  • Can’t customize analytics reports
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Best for a Unified Communications Hub: Vonage Business Communication

Vonage was one of the first VoIP networks, and it’s an excellent choice for businesses that want an established provider. 


  • Offers an AI virtual receptionist
  • Has extensive training and help options


  • Additional features get expensive
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Best for Softphone Users: Dialpad

Dialpad is an innovative VoIP provider for softphone users who want regular updates and new features.


  • Can route calls by geographical locations
  • AI call transcription streamlines client feedback


  • Video conferencing costs extra per participant
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Best for Microsoft 365 Customers: Microsoft Teams Phone

Many businesses use Microsoft apps for productivity, so a compatible VoIP option is best for those companies. Microsoft conveniently built its own app to natively integrate with its other business management software. However, most other VoIP providers integrate with Microsoft apps so it’s a huge benefit. 


  • Integrates with Microsoft 365
  • Has a broad selection of calling plans


  • Plans have a monthly limit of 3,000 minutes
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Best for Legacy Handset Hardware: Ooma Office

Ooma Office is a good option for companies with extensive phone systems wanting to switch to VoIP. This company started in 2004 and caters to both consumers and enterprise customers alike. 


  • Flexible plans give you the exact services you need without a contract
  • Easy to integrate into your existing hardware
  • Virtual receptionist option 


  • Doesn’t provide additional productivity features
Mitel cloud connect

Best for Traditional PBX Capabilities: Mitel MiCloud Connect

Established businesses will get the most out of this provider, which might offer too many features for small companies.


  • Integrates with many third-party programs
  • Imports contacts from Google and Microsoft 365


  • Add-on features increase your bill quickly
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Best for Customer Support: Freshdesk Contact Center

You need Freshdesk as your VoIP provider if you run a call center.


  • Automatically transcribe calls
  • Keeps call center costs low


  • Lacks quality customer support
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Best for Very Small Businesses: Line2

Small businesses that want a low-cost VoIP provider need Line2, which is basic and affordable but lacking some of the more important features when it comes to running your business and call center. 


  • Includes calls, videos, and faxes
  • Easy setup for beginning business owners


  • Can’t integrate with third-party apps

Networking Issues and VoIP

There are a few common networking issues you might experience with a VoIP system. You can hear jitter on the line or broken audio as you talk. Sometimes you might struggle to make outgoing calls or not have audio in your headset. While dropped calls are rare compared to mobile phones using cell towers, they can still happen over VoIP networks.

Troubleshooting these networking issues is fairly straightforward. You can restart your router to strengthen the VoIP connection. If your router needs an upgrade, it will impact your call quality, so you want to stay on top of your internet maintenance.

Running a bandwidth-speed test can let you know the quality of your internet speed. A faster internet connection guarantees clearer phone calls without network disruption. However, you should contact your provider’s customer support line if you have issues. They can check your account on their end and see if there are connectivity issues to solve.

To prevent these common issues, Monster VoIP has built in more than 100+ enterprise-level calling features and a geo-redundant network to provide 24/7 stability. However, things can happen and if they do, we also offer 24/7 support to help you get back on track in a hurry. 

How To Choose the Best VoIP Provider

With so many VoIP options available, you might wonder what best suits your needs. After checking out the companies above, consider the following factors before committing to a service.


One major perk of VoIP is that you’ll pay less than a traditional phone line. Shop around to ensure your chosen company will save money in the long run. You can also look at different tiers to see what your business needs in terms of special features beyond voice calls.

Call Quality

Choose a provider that doesn’t experience the networking issues outlined above. You want a clear sound without dropping calls. A 99.9% uptime ensures you don’t miss calls and alienate clients.

Customer Support

Since many companies choose VoIP to connect people worldwide, you want to know what hours customer support works. Some companies offer support 24/7, while others only work during standard business hours in a specific time zone. You can also see what online tutorials and help options each provider offers, which can help you troubleshoot on your own time.

Toll-Free Numbers

Some businesses don’t need toll-free numbers and only want VoIP for their internal use. But if customers will call your phone line for customer service or other help, you might want a toll-free number to simplify the calls. Not all VoIP providers offer toll-free numbers, so look at the options if this is something you need.

Hosted VoIP Systems: The Ideal Communication Tool

VoIP systems are the ideal communication tool because they let you make phone calls through your existing internet connection. Your business still looks professional with a phone number, but you won’t pay extra for a landline on top of other business expenses.

You can bundle modern services like hold music, video conferencing, call monitoring, and transcription. You’ll get more for your money and streamline your business through the VoIP system. Stop worrying about dropped calls and rely on the stability of the internet for your phone calls. Keep remote workers connected and make your business look professional to clients.

If you’re ready to simplify your business communications, we’re prepared to help. Check out our plans and pricing, or talk to one of our salespeople today.