Businesses are moving towards VoIP office phone systems due to their plethora of benefits such as advanced functionalities, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, among others. In order to get equipped with VoIP services, businesses have to choose between a hosted VoIP system and premises-based VoIP setup. Both options have their own merits, however, hosted business VoIP provides greater benefits to small businesses and medium-sized entities. Let’s check out why!

Why Hosted VoIP Is Better Compared To Other VoIP Solutions

Better Installation

In the premises-based VoIP system, an in-house team bears the responsibility for the installation of software and hardware of the VoIP system. It may provide a greater degree of control, however, additional resources such as in-house IT team and hardware setup outweigh its benefits.

Furthermore, the installation of VoIP is a complicated process, which may require a certain amount of expertise. Most hosted companies specialize in VoIP installation, ensuring better and efficient setup due to their prior experience. This ensures that your business phone systems are installed correctly and reduce the likelihood of compatibility issues in the future.

Improved Maintenance

Maintenance of business phone using VoIP service can be extremely challenging due to the abundance of advanced features and technicalities. This may distract the company from its core activities and also require a dedicated IT team, which can be problematic for small entities.

On the contrary, when a company uses hosted VoIP, the entire maintenance, software upgrade, and system support responsibility is shifted to VoIP providers. Moreover, when you want a certain feature, all you need to do is contact your VoIP service provider and they will accommodate your request without having to invest in a new system or software solution.

Hosted VoIP Has Greater Scalability

You may require additional users and business phone as your business gets mature. Hosted VoIP comes particularly handy in these situations as it is highly scalable. Hosted VoIP providers can easily shift resources to meet business requirements, predominantly due to its larger collective platform.

Conversely, premises-based VoIP may require a substantial investment and time if a company want to scale up its operations and require additional connections, especially during rapid expansion or growth.

More Affordable Solution

In the end, the price can be a determining factor for most companies as all entities cannot afford a big amount of financial outlay for business VoIP. Premises-based VoIP service requires an extensive amount of resources and up-front capital expenditure, which makes it a less enticing option, especially for small businesses. In hosted VoIP services, installation costs are significantly lower as there are no hardware and staffing requirements, allowing small or medium-sized entities to implement business phone systems without breaking their bank.

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