When you decide to put up a business, you need to have proper planning to make your investment worth it. Seeking for potential clients can be a tedious job especially those who are new in the world of business and marketing. Even though you are not new, keeping the business going and expanding can still be a difficult task. Money, time management, effort, workforce mobility, among others are just some of the few dilemmas that entrepreneurs are facing. Most cloud-system providers are offering virtual phone numbers as one of their specifications to be an alternate solution to these problems.

What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is a great example of modern advancements in communication technology. Also known as direct inward dialing (DID), virtual phone numbers are programmed to forward calls to certain preset numbers. In simpler terms, this can function as a link between the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and voice over internet protocol (VoIP). This means that virtual phone numbers authorized the users to transmit and route calls from one number to another number, IP address or device.

Traditional phone VS virtual phone number

Traditional phone numbers fall in two categories: first is the landline or telephone numbers and second is mobile phone numbers. Traditional phone numbers, both landline, and mobile are connected to telecommunication networks. Each phone number will be assigned to a single user (an individual or a company) within a certain region. The landline is composed of wires, cables, telephone units, etc. while numbers for mobile devices are connected via the SIM card.

With a virtual phone number, unlike the usual phone number that is assigned to a single telephone line or phone device, is not connected to any of it. Also, virtual phone numbers do not have any physical equipment and can be accessed using any devices.

How does virtual phone number work?

The flexibility of virtual phone numbers can be a big help to businesses, professionals, and most everyone else in their day-to-day tasks. These are the following functions, as well as benefits, that virtual phone numbers offer:

For Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Long distance calls can definitely cost you a lot of money in phone bills since every minute of such a call can be expensive. With the use of virtual phone numbers, you can lessen the operational expenses of your company. How? This is an example: If your company has foreign investors located outside your country, you can still make and receive calls without the need to pay for a fixed foreign exchange line. This sort of system is particularly popular with call center companies, most of which require phone numbers that appear to be present in a certain country when, in fact, they operate in different locations so as to provide an uninterrupted 24/7 service to their clients. This also allows the user not to be confined in using a single telephone line and have the flexibility on how they want to make and receive calls without the need to procure supplementary equipment.

Putting up a virtual phone number for your own business is amazingly inexpensive. While most of us think that forwarding calls in any parts of the world can be costly, this is absolutely a wrong presumption. You only need to look for a provider that can offer you a great deal for your virtual phone number then you are already set.

For businesses that have already expanded in different locations, it would be hard to function using the conventional single telephone line. In this setup, each branch will decide to have its own phone systems with different phone providers that can be incompatible with each other. This sometimes leads to malfunctions and disconnections between the different workforces of each location.

Virtual phone numbers can be a big help to unite the workforce assigned in different locations under one business phone number. Even those employees outside the premises of the office can be reached through the unified virtual phone number.

Several companies are utilizing virtual phone numbers for various marketing campaigns or different media platforms; this will help them to track down which campaign or platform can bring the most sales.

Multiple providers of virtual business services use a virtual number to link to their other virtual services. This permits their costumers to have a phone, address, and voice presence from almost anywhere around the globe.

Connecting People Around the Globe

Other popular users of virtual phone numbers are immigrants, travelers, and individuals who have friends and acquaintances living abroad. They appreciate and enjoy that they can contact and be contacted with a call. This can cost less because virtual phone numbers mostly rely on the Internet which means that they can be reached through any forms of communication devices such as laptops and tablets, personal computers, and even mobile phones.

Requires Lesser Effort

When you are in the business world, your stress level can be quite high. We do not want to add anything to it so a virtual phone number can be of help as a very useful convenience. It does not require too many equipments and no additional software installation necessary.


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